Status: Negi

BRC Water

If you are looking for a ship with unusual properties, look no
further! BRC Water can create massive vapor trails (skids). It also has room in the back for passengers! A seat extension and new navigational helm have made this ship in top shape again. A wonderful sister ship to BRC Summer.


Light Years932.931
Thrust Rating5.223
Handling Rating3.902
Difficulty Rating2.102
Max Warp1

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull Type
Chief EngineerZeus
Christened on2000.04.22
LocationFort Antwerp
Navi Retro
Primary Retro


2024.04.27   Lesser Known Ziqqurat
2023.10.21   Soggy Serenity Wombat
2022.10.01   One Hit Wonders Hades
2021.10.23   Great Migration Punchy
2021.09.18   Aye Aye, Butterfly! Punchy
2018.09.22   Fall In Line DreadFlint
2018.05.26   SCUL Day 22 Dead Bride
2018.05.05   A.R.T.S.O.S. Punchy
2017.07.08   Matter States Dead Bride
2017.04.22   Creampuff fstop
2016.11.05   Life Day 2016 fstop
2016.08.20   Ghost Train fstop
2016.08.06   A View To A Thrill fstop
2016.05.07   Yer Mom Is So Chopped fstop
2016.04.23   White Hole Threespeed
2015.09.12   Hulls Down Beetle Juice
2015.07.25   Styles Man-Dish Space Camp DreadFlint
2015.07.11   Rat Pack DreadFlint
2015.07.04   Spindependence DreadFlint
2015.05.02   String Theory DreadFlint
2014.05.24   Hobo Party Wombat
2014.04.26   Smooth Sailing Skunk
2013.07.20   Please Sir May I Have S'more? RustyHog
2012.06.02   Wake The Dead On Planet Jupiter Wombat
2011.12.31   Cranks for the Memories DreadFlint
2011.06.18   Skywriter eXceSs
2011.06.11   Ships at Sea Spark
2011.05.28   Picnic By The Sea Plasmonster
2011.04.09   Repo Men hackworth
2008.08.09   SCULimpics Quandary
2008.06.21   Submersive Choppah Underwater League Quandary
2008.06.14   Kick It Like Vomit Nameless
2005.07.30   NamelessDay: Local Defense System Kaibosch
2005.06.18   DiscoInferno (VomitDay 2005) Kaibosch
2005.04.09   Beta Missssion 05 Kaibosch
2004.10.16   Jump Start Snarly
2004.10.09   Skunk Day 04 WarTango
2004.08.21   Wet and Wild RoadRash
2004.07.10   Chop-In Theater (Waltor Day) Sweetums
2004.06.19   I Dunno (vomit day) Muon
2003.11.01   Hallowheels 03 Giraffe
2003.10.25   As Seen On TV Mosquito
2003.10.18   Tour De Ville PigPen
2003.10.11   Pump Up The Volume Hoseclamp
2003.09.06   Breaking Headlines Fool
2003.08.16   NoWay Day A-OK Bushido
2003.08.16   NoWay Day A-OK Nameless
2001.08.18   SCULimpics 2001 Games Sarge
2001.08.04   Pancreatic Cramitore Sarge
2000.10.09   SCULimpics Night Games 20 Sarge
2000.10.07   SCULimpics Day Games 2000 Sarge
2000.08.12   It Was Working When We Left MoneyShot
2000.06.04   Siege The Castle Dante
2000.05.06   Wake Up The Dead Bulldog
2000.05.06   Nowhere Fast TKM
2000.04.23   Wet and Dense Diva