Status: Success


Kick It Like Vomit

Mission Objectives

*avoid negi gwell
*show your maneuverability skills with a highly technical route
*chillax by the stinky fish at the hahbah

Mission Summary

For Vomit Day this year we kicked it Old School with some classic
choppergroove and a tour of our old favorite places along the hahbar.
A baby maggot joined on for the mission and Twitch christened his new
ship. Radiation at the launch site meant everyone immediately got 25
points for exposure. oh yeah, bring on the points. Despite the
radiation, pilots made sure to wear high style spacesuits.

High tech ratings abounded as we headed through the
SullivanConstellation's black hole to the deep space Harborwalk. Our
first opportunity to stop for an all out booty shakedown was at a
pier near the USS Constitution. We reminisced about it being the stop
of Op NoMoBadJiggiMoJo. We danced the sprinkler, shopping cart,
pencil sharpener and other important moves to groove and then we
headed onwards. Then we were all like, "dude, where's the navigator?"
and we were like "how could we lose the navigator?" and someone
said "isn't she wearing the boa back there by the tailginner?" So
yeah, we all lost 50 points for not staying behind the navigator. But
back on track we headed to a giant donut by the giant nebula where we
again broke into an all out dance fest while other pilots tried out
each other's ships and we explored the cool views off the hahbar.
We continued on for refueling at Luna Bovas where we partook of
molecules referred to as a chocolate bomb. Sweet!

Vomit decided to lead us the long but nice way home through deep
space on Starpath CommAve in the Boston System. En route, Skunk took a
nasty spill on Cloudbuster but kept pushing onward back to the
Cambridge system. A dropped chain forced a stop for a mechanical
when we realized the gravity of his damaged ship. His crank was
rocking in all directions not in a grooving way but in a
holy-crap-that-is-busted way. After taking it apart, it was clear that
the bearings had completely shattered and scattered throughout the
bottom bracket. Bad news. Nameless went to the rescue to try to seek
out replacement parts. Alas his replacement parts did not fit
correctly but we forced it all back together and finished the journey
to the landing pad.

No one burned up on reentry! An awesome mission.

Pilot Ship Points Promotion
dillweed Ooh La La 202.062  
Diva Toxic Waste 346.344   Captain
eHawk Devastation 845.957   Vice Admiral
Leotard ShortBus 547.132  
magneato Skylab 444.117  
moose Loki Ducker 304.949   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Nameless Water 97.534  
Nosepicker Darkendank 143.531  
Onath Delirium 180.938   Aviator First Class
PainBunny Pale Horse 417.409   Master Chief Petty Officer
pecan Popcycle 182.491  
Pinky Doctor Love 216.898   Petty Officer Third Class
pywaket Lazarus 346.718  
Quandary Chastity 0  
Rotwang Paranoia 221.64   Lieutenant
Skunk Cloudbuster 662.383  
Socket Spooky Pirate 0   Pilot
Twitch Garganchua 153.327  
vomit Famine 411.165   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Skunk
Deck Officer magneato
MRC Officer eHawk
Navigator vomit
Tailgunner PainBunny
Tool Bag pywaket
Flat Bag moose
Medi Bag Leotard
Ambassador Skunk
Still Cam Skunk
Airlock vomit
Recycler Quandary
Life Support 1 Skunk
Damage Control eHawk
Mission Reporter Diva
Beer Mule dillweed
Beer Wrangler dillweed
Compressor Wrangler Rotwang
Radio Wrangler pecan
Sentry Diva

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderSkunk
Mission Size 19 pilots
OriginFort Summer
Light Years14.800
G-Well Activity1.010
Technical Rating5.000