Status: Success


Repo Men

As we set out to rescue USB PaleHorse in this seventeenth year of
SCUL (the path to our objective having been metaphorically smoothed by
Nosepicker and Threespeed prior to mission), we were joined by two
babymaggots, Spark and Dreadflint, and one new ship, Moneypenny, a
fantastical HARV that SevenofNine identified as an "ordinary", the
original name for high-wheel bicycles before "safety" bikes took
over, and then we came along to take the safety out again.
Accomplished builder Deathtrap indicated upon christening it that it
is a gift to SCUL, and a worthy one indeed, experiencing no
mechanicals over the course of the mission.

We proceeded directly to
Veal's fort, with a stop for one mechanical along the way, and in the
course of emancipating the ship, discovered two miniature
discodeathstahs which Skunk took into protective custody. While
various pilots and maggots goofed around on the jungle gym, bringing
Mjollnir to its apex, Threespeed, SevenofNine, and others worked to
dissassemble the object of our efforts and bind it to Catastrophe
like some sort of demented figurehead. There were attempts to attach
the miniature dds to the "prow", which were unsuccessful.

navigator Q, citing the presence of prefrosh, next led us to MIT,
where we busted the funk, distributed stickers, and Retard took out
her illuminated poi. SadieBlake quietly celebrated his 55th birthday
as 110410 rolled into view. We also picked up a floaty, future
一輪車 (Ichirinsha), a skillful unicyclist.

After following a circuitous route through MIT, picking up temporary
floaters both riding civie ships and running, and stopping at the
steam dispenser nearby, Q successfully led us on a well-planned
complex twisting and turning route through cool buildings, connected
lots, and some funky industrial areas with notably scarified
pavement, alongside railroad tracks, and down dark & narrow
industrial alleyways. We coasted back into Fort airspace at a
relatively early hour, pleased with our success, and the warm
reception we received in most of our travels.

Pilot Ship Points Promotion
BaneThunderwolf One Night Stand 431.096   Petty Officer First Class
Bendy Devastation 1042.7   Lieutenant Commander
Buckminister Immaculate Taco 200   Petty Officer First Class
DeathTrap Moneypenny 593.162   Chief Petty Officer
DrClaw Catastrophe 1207.6   Commander
DreadFlint Chastity 0   Pilot
Dubble U Yellow Vomit 0   Pilot
eXceSs Skylab 0  
hackworth Water 875.546   Commander
Joyride Katana 305.007   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Leotard Trinity 243   Petty Officer Third Class
metoikos Rhinoceros 915.953   Master Chief Petty Officer
moose Civilian Ship 133.465   Petty Officer First Class
Plasmonster Mad Rabbit 427.797   Petty Officer First Class
Quandary Delirium 759.958   Lieutenant
Sadie Blake Compliance 834.907   Master Chief Petty Officer
Seven Of Nine Mjollnir 0  
Skunk Cloudbuster 712.758   Captain
Spark Yer Mom 0   Pilot
Stogie Vindaloo 646.325   Master Chief Petty Officer
Threespeed Iron Butterfly 866.317   Lieutenant Commander
Treekiller chlorophyll 436.011   Master Chief Petty Officer
vomit Famine 546.685   Chief Petty Officer
Wombat Abandon All Hope 456.696   Master Chief Petty Officer
yt Secret Asian SCULly 1188.8   Commander
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Skunk
Deck Officer metoikos
MRC Officer Bendy
Navigator Quandary
Tailgunner vomit
Com-Sat 1 Threespeed
Tool Bag BaneThunderwolf
Flat Bag Buckminister
Medi Bag Seven Of Nine
Wookiee Bag Spark
Ambassador hackworth
Chalk Bag Joyride
Still Cam eXceSs
Airlock Leotard
Life Support 1 Treekiller
Life Support 2 hackworth
Damage Control DreadFlint
Minister of Zoobs DrClaw
Mission Debriefer metoikos
Mission Reporter metoikos
Filmer Stogie
Food Wrangler metoikos
Skynet Operator Pre metoikos
Stillcam Downloader eXceSs

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderSkunk
Mission Size 25 pilots
OriginFort Joy
DestinationUSB Pale Horse Retrieval
Light Years13.900
G-Well Activity1.843
Technical Rating3.822