Status: Success


Hallelujah the Fuel Dump

Many pilots are at Lithuania Universe, more are busy piloting a lobstamorphic kinetic sculpture across this great universe of our own, and the Fleet Admiral is lost in deep space. A few pilots represented at the Big Gay Dance Party of Union Constellation, but we reported to MRC to find a fort empty of constructors.

Couscous had a plan to lead this mission but they got sick. We're on our own. With but a paltry 4 Iron Cogs among us we will vaguely attempt to have SCUL. Anything that happens now is Stogie's fault. On the plus side someone from Forge brought us baked good molecules including jalapeno bagels and chocolate croissants. High-falutin' grenades, and so many we had to eject extras to the Asylum kitchen.

Stogie drew a star on the map and Dr Claw attempted to navigate it, taking us basically everywhere in the process and a lot of constellations twice. We yelled at DC for too many g-wells and the star got janky, but we pretty much skywrote it anyway. (Actually mostly it was me that yelled. Or it might have been more like whining.) Dr Claw's groove was excellent and sustained us through too many perils to list including defintely hordes of flying monkeys.

We tried out the newly open spacelane on the long fallow Longfellow supraradiatory conduit: this was functional and offered many bollards and islands for honing our slalom skills.

At one of Stogie's practice spaces we dumped fuel in a macerating toilet which made a sound unlike any fuel dump I have experienced. Note to future SCULs: should you need to dispose of Earthling bodies, they will need to be rendered into chunks but after that this is the place.

RadMax put lasers on her ship which is cool but also she burned up. Acehole reports one bun alert but it was not urgent, merely of normal size. Maggot Dregs turned in a fine flight on Bieber Fever, providing much-needed comic relief at many points. He's growing out of his diaper we need to do something about this.

This mission did not have commemorative badges because they're, like, jejune.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
AceHole Temerity 423.793   Petty Officer Third Class
Dead Bride Star Hustler (Bombardier) 626.432   Chief Petty Officer
DrClaw Skywarp 603.326   Ensign
Dregs Bieber Fever 0  
Leotard Trinity 532.087   Senior Chief Petty Officer
RadMax Funkenfurter 371.761   Petty Officer Third Class
Stogie Chubz 803.253   Petty Officer First Class
Threespeed Star Hustler 193.656  
Wombat Cloudbuster 530.826   Chief Petty Officer
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Stogie
Deck Officer Dead Bride
Navigator DrClaw
Tailgunner Dead Bride
Com-Sat 1 RadMax
Tool Bag Dead Bride
Flat Bag RadMax
Medi Bag Leotard
Wookiee Bag DrClaw
Ambassador RadMax
Chalk Bag AceHole
Still Cam Stogie
Airlock DrClaw
Life Support 1 Wombat
Life Support 2 Leotard
Life Support 3 AceHole
Damage Control Dead Bride
Mission Reporter Leotard
Stellar Cartographer DrClaw

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderStogie
Mission Size 9 pilots
OriginFort Tyler
DestinationThe five points
Light Years20.400
G-Well Activity2.984
Technical Rating3.975