Light Years3729.187
Thrust Rating9.062
Handling Rating8.119
Difficulty Rating1.31
Max Warp20

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull TypeSurly Long Haul Trucker
Chief EngineerDrClaw
OriginVernal Feast of Eris
Christened on2014.10.12
LocationFort Tyler
Navi RetroLinear-pull
Primary RetroCantilever


2024.07.26   Space Camp 2024 DrClaw
2024.06.08   Recon Mission Echo Niner Zero DrClaw
2024.06.01   SCUL Day Episode '24 DrClaw
2023.12.23   Tour de Tacky: For Whom the Jingle Bell Tolls DrClaw
2023.11.11   Plymouth Pilgrimage: Century 2023 DrClaw
2023.10.28   Hallowheels '23 DrClaw
2023.09.30   Starchaser Day XI DrClaw
2023.09.16   Left Turns are for Lawyers DrClaw
2023.09.03   Dead by Dawn DrClaw
2023.07.15   Return to Space Mountain DrClaw
2023.07.01   Myspace Your TikTok DrClaw
2023.06.03   SCUL Day 27: Pamper The Parrot DrClaw
2023.05.13   Bounce It! DrClaw
2022.10.29   Hallowheels 2022 DrClaw
2022.10.15   Ocean State of Mind DrClaw
2022.10.08   Ride, Relax, Enjoy (Skunk's Orbital Jam-bo-ree) DrClaw
2022.09.24   Burning Bridges DrClaw
2022.09.17   Flight of the Navigators DrClaw
2022.09.17   Kinnecticing 'a l'owl DrClaw
2022.08.28   Voyage of the Dawn Treaders DrClaw
2022.08.20   Chestnut Thrill DrClaw
2022.07.23   Happy Birthday Amelia Earhart DrClaw
2022.06.25   Memory Boop DrClaw
2022.06.11   Last Period Recess (No Diggity) DrClaw
2022.04.23   Eye Scream DrClaw
2022.04.02   Alphamssion is GO! DrClaw
2021.11.06   Life Day Episode 2021 DrClaw
2021.10.17   Long Shot Mulligan: Century 21C DrClaw
2021.10.09   Skunk Day: Treat Yo'self DrClaw
2021.10.02   So Long, And Thanks For All The Plasma Failures DrClaw
2021.09.18   Aye Aye, Butterfly! DrClaw
2021.09.04   Taco Party! DrClaw
2021.08.07   Nyte Moves DrClaw
2021.07.24   Twenty-Eleven, Two Nine Seven DrClaw
2021.07.10   Two-tee Fiver DrClaw
2021.06.19   Un Œuf With The Egg Puns! DrClaw
2021.05.29   Rain or Moonshine DrClaw
2021.05.08   Masked Gwells DrClaw
2021.04.17   Gamma Is For Chill DrClaw
2020.10.31   Vortex-20 DrClaw
2020.08.08   Liberry Jam DrClaw
2020.07.15   Somer Circumnaville Vigation Mk. I DrClaw
2020.05.02   Solo Scavenger Hunt DrClaw
2020.04.04   Alternamission DrClaw
2019.11.09   Omegamission 19 DrClaw
2019.10.19   Nightworm DrClaw
2019.09.07   The Gang From L.A.Z.E.R. DrClaw
2019.08.31   Quest For Dark Matter DrClaw
2019.08.24   Deep Space Maneuvers - Stage One and Two DrClaw
2019.08.11   Dawn Patrol Episode 2019 DrClaw
2019.07.13   Splashdown! DrClaw
2019.06.01   The Fog of Time: SCUL Day '19 DrClaw
2019.05.04   May The 4th Be Little Free Library Day on Tatoo... DrClaw
2019.04.27   Pullin' G's DrClaw
2019.04.20   Soggy Space Matzah DrClaw
2018.11.10   Bonus Pi in the Frozen Sky DrClaw
2018.10.27   Hallowilla DrClaw
2018.09.08   Escape from the Cape DrClaw
2018.09.01   Divinity Cat Moved Us To The Moon DrClaw
2018.08.25   Red Dawn DrClaw
2018.07.21   Thunderclaws Is Coming To Town DrClaw
2018.07.14   Anchors A-weigh DrClaw
2018.07.14   Flight of the Aviator DrClaw
2018.06.16   Double Dippin' DrClaw
2018.06.02   Hallelujah the Fuel Dump DrClaw
2018.05.19   Soggy Ninjas DrClaw
2018.04.14   Dr. Dudley DrClaw
2017.10.28   Hallowheels 2017 DrClaw
2017.10.21   Rocky Hyperspace Picture Show DrClaw
2017.10.15   Galactic Frontier: One-Way Century 2017 DrClaw
2017.10.08   Largest Parade Formation Ever DrClaw
2017.10.01   Little Ship of Horrors DrClaw
2017.09.22   Return To Lawl DrClaw
2017.09.09   Bermuda Triangle DrClaw
2017.09.02   Hypno Wormhole DrClaw
2017.08.26   By The Book DrClaw
2017.08.19   Unbirthday: A Mad Tea Party DrClaw
2017.08.12   Sons of Perseus DrClaw
2017.08.05   Siren Song DrClaw
2017.07.15   Christmas In July DrClaw
2017.06.03   Night Market Garden: A Bridge Too Far Cyborg
2017.05.20   Eggscape To Poo Island DrClaw
2017.05.06   Wheeled Migration DrClaw
2017.04.08   Z Axis DrClaw
2016.10.15   Colour Out of Space (Starchaser Century) DrClaw
2016.10.08   Skunk Day '16 DrClaw
2016.09.30   Voulez Vous Woohoo Part Deux DrClaw
2016.09.23   Kineticcting to LOL DrClaw
2016.09.10   Space Camp: The Revenge DrClaw
2016.08.27   Slingshot Nebulae DrClaw
2016.08.20   Ghost Train DrClaw
2016.08.14   Dawn Patrol DrClaw
2016.08.06   A View To A Thrill DrClaw
2016.07.30   Pretty Princess DrClaw
2016.07.23   Castles In The Sand DrClaw
2016.07.16   Salem's Lot DrClaw
2016.07.09   Red Light Hustle DrClaw
2016.06.25   Lickety Splat DrClaw
2016.06.18   Luna Libros IV: Satellites of Love DrClaw
2016.06.11   Over, Under, Around, and Through DrClaw
2016.06.04   Twentieth Anniversary Fox DrClaw
2016.05.28   Reach The Beach DrClaw
2016.05.21   Night Market Rendezvous *TOP SEKRET DrClaw
2016.05.14   Do The Worm DrClaw
2016.04.23   White Hole DrClaw
2016.04.16   The Friendly Skies DrClaw
2016.04.09   B-Side DrClaw
2016.04.02   Alfrescomission '16 DrClaw
2015.11.13   Unlucky Friday the 13th Poor Judgement One Up B... DrClaw
2015.11.07   Omegamission 2015 DrClaw
2015.10.17   Warm Fuzzies DrClaw
2015.10.10   Woods Hole Century DrClaw
2015.09.12   Hullabaloo DrClaw
2015.09.05   'Real' Chopper Gang Milkrun DrClaw
2015.08.08   Take 'er Easy DrClaw
2015.07.25   Styles Man-Dish Space Camp DrClaw
2015.06.06   Hey Nineteen: SCUL Day 2015 DrClaw
2015.05.30   StarBuck Rojerthat Epoxy
2015.04.18   Cloaked in Cardboard DrClaw
2014.11.01   Halloweeeels '14 DrClaw
2014.10.25   Winter? SCULimpics '14 DrClaw
2014.10.18   Flying in the Face of Providence DrClaw
2014.10.12   Chonk! DrClaw