Status: Success


Dawn Patrol Episode 2019

18 Pilots left Fort Tyler under the stealth protection of anti-solar technology.
While storming the Castle on the Island weaponry we've never encountered was there unleashed upon us. Our anti-solar shields were dissolved in the span of thirty minutes.
For the next few hours we formed chrysalides and consumed fuel molecules in hopes of restoring some of our systems, but ultimately knew we'd be returning to friendly space in full solar radiation.

This is the true story of our survival.

As the fleet prepared for this mission it seemed as though we were going to be short staffed. Pilots were wounded and reeling from the intensity of the Night Watch before it. Even General BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANE Thunder Wolf deemed himself unfit to fly from extreme space madness.
But a young Maggot named Nova came forth to inspire the the troops, and Lord McFuzz charge, Ziqqurat, was eager for the fight. Then, as if called forth from the dust, the legend, not seen in decades, DandelionDax proclaimed "And My Axe!" and soon there were 18 bold and true pilots, prepared to take down the Castle of a great evil on the planet Island.

There was much disarray as Ziqqurat handed out last minute changes orders to various squadrons. Red Squirrel, Pastry Queen and Nova worked hard to mkae Launch happened according to protocol. A last minute third plasma casing replacement on Sprocket's primary thruster threatened to ruin everything, but the airlock was closed long before oxygen depletion alarms went off at the base.

PastryQueen and Excess took the fleet on a circuitous path through the galaxy, in hopes of confusing the enemy. We had orders to disrupt a large intergalactic radio receiver / transmitter, called the PRNAPA. With eXceSs' inside intelligence, we easily jammed the transmitters signal with our own. Then we jammed.

The fleet stopped for scance provision of dried potatoes and canned meats before heading to the edge of the Universe. Just before heading into deep space we dumped apple scented fuel for safety reasons, and headed off over the shelf of the Universe.
Pilots both old and young knew of the terrors of the Castle. All were proud to be a part of taking it over and defending it. None expected the horrible danger they were putting themselves in due to a new weapon in the Castles defense.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Dandilyon Dax Sloth 0  
Dead Bride Albatross 37  
DrClaw Skywarp 188.687  
eXceSs Scollay Rancher 523.514   Commander
Fart Noises Spooky Pirate 489.956   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Lordmcfuzz Bieber Fever 564.669  
NOVA Mad Rabbit 0  
Pastry Queen Scollay Rancher (Bombardier) 258.648  
Red Squirrel Centvrion 388.574   Chief Petty Officer
Shepherd Iridium 297.999   Aviator First Class
Skunk Cloudbuster 673.788  
Sprocket Caduceus 372.211   Aviator
Stogie Chubz 401.485   Petty Officer Second Class
Threespeed Schadenfreude 393.493   Lieutenant Commander
yt Secret Asian SCULly 238.233   Pilot
Ziqqurat Compliance 0  
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Skunk
Deck Officer Ziqqurat
Gate Attendant Lordmcfuzz
Navigator eXceSs
Tailgunner Fart Noises
Com-Sat 1 eXceSs
Com-Sat 2 Threespeed
Com-Sat 3 Ziqqurat
Tool Bag NOVA
Flat Bag Lordmcfuzz
Medi Bag Dandilyon Dax
Wookiee Bag Stogie
Ambassador Pastry Queen
Chalk Bag Shepherd
Still Cam DrClaw
Airlock Sprocket
Recycler Shepherd
Life Support 1 Skunk
Damage Control Red Squirrel
Mission Pinner Fart Noises
Mission Debriefer Ziqqurat
Mission Reporter Sprocket
Stellar Cartographer Pastry Queen
Cleaner Red Squirrel
Compressor Wrangler NOVA

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderSkunk
Mission Size 16 pilots
OriginFort Tyler
DestinationThe Sunrise and Beyond
Light Years19.360
G-Well Activity0.914
Technical Rating1.120