Red Squirrel

Pilot Date2013.10.05
Total Light Years2,202.29
Current Experience388.90

Red Squirrel likes to gather + dismantle VALUABLE random debris to be modified + reassembled into USELESS random debris, like mechanisms that don't do anything, giant birds that don't fly, + remote controls for time machines that don't exist… yet.
This rodent is often found in parks, woods, + trash heaps.


Life Support 71
Mission Leader4
Deck Officer9
Gate Attendant15
Com-Sat 15
Com-Sat 22
Com-Sat 31
Tool Bag3
Flat Bag1
Medi Bag22
Wookiee Bag1
Chalk Bag2
Still Cam4
Life Support 21
Life Support 31
Damage Control9
Mission Pinner18
Mission Debriefer2
Mission Reporter7
Compressor Wrangler28
Life Support Synthesis1
Wingmate 021
Stillcam Downloader1


MRC Basic
Fort Maintenance
Colors on Person
Insignia on Person
Transport Services

Ships Built


Hosted BySkunk
Enlistment Date2013.07.06
Knighted BySkunk
Pilot Date2013.10.05

Service Record

Date Div Mission Ship
2024.07.26 MAD Space Camp 2024 Sugar Glider
2024.04.06 MAD Alpha-Mission D1S29 Sugar Glider
2023.11.04 MAD Life Day: Omegamission '23 Sugar Glider
2023.09.30 SCD Starchaser Day XI Sugar Glider
2023.08.20 MAD Spacecamp Three-Day 'Tour' Sugar Glider
2023.07.22 MAD SCULimpics-ish Sugar Glider
2023.06.03 MAD SCUL Day 27: Pamper The Parrot Sugar Glider
2023.05.27 MAD Good Morning, Good Morning! Sugar Glider
2022.10.29 MAD Hallowheels 2022 Sugar Glider
2022.10.08 MAD Ride, Relax, Enjoy (Skunk's Orbital Jam-bo-ree) Sugar Glider
2022.09.24 MAD Burning Bridges Sugar Glider
2022.08.20 MAD Chestnut Thrill Sugar Glider
2022.06.04 MAD Big Dig: SCUL Day Episode 26 Sugar Glider
2022.04.02 MAD Alphamssion is GO! Sugar Glider
2021.11.06 MAD Life Day Episode 2021 Sugar Glider
2021.10.23 MAD Great Migration Centvrion
2021.10.09 MAD Skunk Day: Treat Yo'self Sugar Glider
2021.09.18 MAD Aye Aye, Butterfly! Sugar Glider
2021.08.29 MAD Dawn Patrol: Sunny Side Up Sugar Glider
2021.07.31 MAD Lawn Games Sugar Glider
2021.07.10 MAD Two-tee Fiver Sugar Glider
2021.04.10 MAD Semi-official Beta Spectacular Sugar Glider
2020.10.31 MAD Vortex-20 Civilian Ship
2020.04.18 MAD Intergalactic Dance Party Ghost Ship
2019.11.09 MAD Omegamission 19 Centvrion
2019.10.05 MAD Skunk Day 50 Centvrion
2019.09.07 MAD The Gang From L.A.Z.E.R. Centvrion
2019.08.24 MAD Deep Space Maneuvers - Stage One and Two Centvrion
2019.08.11 MAD Dawn Patrol Episode 2019 Centvrion
2019.07.27 MAD Reindeer Games Curb Burner
2019.07.20 MAD A Trip to the Moon Centvrion
2019.06.01 MAD The Fog of Time: SCUL Day '19 Curb Burner
2019.05.18 MAD Eat The Cricket Curb Burner
2019.04.13 MAD Black Hole Curb Burner
2019.04.06 MAD Appalachiamission '19 Curb Burner
2018.11.03 MAD Omegamission / Life Day 2018 Curb Burner
2018.10.27 MAD Hallowilla Curb Burner
2018.10.06 MAD Skunk Day: Episode 500 - A New Hope Curb Burner
2018.08.25 MAD Red Dawn Curb Burner
2018.08.11 MAD Lazer Mizzzion Curb Burner
2018.08.04 MAD Short Term Memory Loss Curb Burner
2018.06.30 MAD Hot Night Squirt Gun Fight! Curb Burner
2018.05.26 MAD SCUL Day 22 Curb Burner
2018.05.12 MAD Persephone Calling Curb Burner
2018.04.21 MAD Wandering Cricket Curb Burner
2018.04.07 MAD Alohamission 2018 Curb Burner
2017.10.28 MAD Hallowheels 2017 Curb Burner
2017.10.21 MAD Day-Cordova Curb Burner
2017.09.02 MAD Hypno Wormhole Curb Burner
2017.08.12 MAD Sons of Perseus Curb Burner
2017.07.01 MAD SCUL Day Observed Centvrion
2017.05.27 MAD Augment My Chopper Centvrion
2017.05.06 MAD Wheeled Migration Centvrion
2017.04.01 MAD I'm Dreaming of a White Alphamission Centvrion
2016.11.05 MAD Life Day 2016 Centvrion
2016.10.08 MAD Skunk Day '16 Centvrion
2016.09.23 MAD Kineticcting to LOL Centvrion
2016.08.27 MAD Slingshot Nebulae Centvrion
2016.08.14 MAD Dawn Patrol Centvrion
2016.07.16 MAD Salem's Lot Centvrion
2016.06.04 MAD Twentieth Anniversary Fox Centvrion
2016.04.16 MAD The Friendly Skies Centvrion
2016.04.02 MAD Alfrescomission '16 Centvrion
2015.11.07 MAD Omegamission 2015 Centvrion
2015.10.31 MAD Hallowheels 2015 Centvrion
2015.10.17 MAD Warm Fuzzies Centvrion
2015.10.10 MAD Illuminus Centvrion
2015.10.03 MAD Skunk Day '15 Centvrion
2015.09.12 MAD Hullabaloo Centvrion
2015.08.22 MAD Tooth Fairy Centvrion
2015.07.25 SCD Styles Man-Dish Space Camp Centvrion
2015.07.04 MAD Spindependence Centvrion
2015.06.20 MAD Like Deers In Rain Centvrion
2015.06.06 MAD Hey Nineteen: SCUL Day 2015 Centvrion
2015.05.23 MAD Photon Overdrive Centvrion
2015.05.16 MAD Show and Tell Centvrion
2015.04.11 MAD Ellipsoidal Oviform Search and Rescue Centvrion
2015.04.04 MAD Alfalfa Mission '15 Centvrion
2014.11.08 MAD Overtime: Omegamission '14 Centvrion
2014.11.01 MAD Halloweeeels '14 Centvrion
2014.10.12 MAD Chonk! Spooky Pirate
2014.10.04 MAD Skunk Day '14: Spring Forward, Fall Back Centvrion
2014.09.13 MAD Cursed But Not Doomed Centvrion
2014.08.16 MAD Let's Get Physical Centvrion
2014.08.09 MAD Mind Trip Spooky Pirate
2014.08.02 MAD Leave It To Chance Centvrion
2014.07.26 MAD Scrambled Egg-stravaganza Centvrion
2014.07.19 MAD Ghost Ship Centvrion
2014.06.28 MAD Mission to Xenon Centvrion
2014.06.21 MAD Operation Summer-ville War
2014.05.15 MAD Smiling in Salem Doctor Love
2014.04.19 MAD Keester Bunny Star Hustler
2014.04.05 MAD Alphonsemission '14 Star Hustler
2013.11.02 MAD Omegamission 2013 Centvrion
2013.10.26 MAD Bike-O-Ween Centvrion
2013.10.12 MAD Art In The Third Dimension! Centvrion
2013.10.05 MAD Skunk Day 2013: Electric Boogaloo II Centvrion
2013.09.14 MAD Funky Mummy Centvrion
2013.08.17 MAD Buzz Kill Centvrion
2013.07.06 MAD O Bridge, Where Art Thou? Pestilence
Iron Cog