Status: Success


Semi-official Beta Spectacular

Fast and fired up, the pilots of SCUL blazed forth to meet the coming season.

The night beckoned as a line of ships circled the launch pad excitedly, then launched, blazing out into the night faster than ever before this season.

We discovered the g-well of Central street, with it's circular house, investigated the new neighborhood that has sprouted like a forest of strange mechanical kelp near Lechmere, and brought joy with our lasers, presence, and the groove painstakingly crafted by Dr.Claw.

We stopped for nothing, wait no, we stopped to defuse a fight between friends that had turned ugly, to look at some ponds, and also to investigate rogue Tardises. As those folks said: "Oh look, now we are going to get beat up by a biker gang" ... our attempt to fight crime was both hampered and enhanced by our peculiar appearance and a seeming lack of, well... crime.

The yayas were fresh, and much joyful curb jumping, cup smashing, and full-lane cruising was had. One cup was extremely full of liquid and retaliated when it was smashed to the amusement of those around.

The winds of space were fresh, lit with our lasers, and carried us, mechanical free, along the ribbons of asphalt and concrete as the city awakens to meet the newly dawning seasons.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Dead Bride Albatross 154   Pilot
Deadblow Crowley 233.414   Pilot
DrClaw Shockwave 1024.96   Petty Officer Second Class
Gritty Doctor Love 188.077  
Grog Civilian Ship 0  
Leotard Swamp Thing 419.887   Aviator First Class
Lordmcfuzz The Traveler 1229.44   Petty Officer First Class
perilous Fall 414.315   Aviator
Red Squirrel Sugar Glider 218.579   Pilot
Skunk Golden Eagle 1113.48   Petty Officer First Class
Stogie Wingnut 624.393   Aviator First Class
Threespeed Catastrophe 658.083   Aviator First Class
Wombat Annihilation 549.576   Aviator First Class
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader DrClaw
Deck Officer Skunk
Gate Attendant Skunk
Navigator Lordmcfuzz
Tailgunner Stogie
Com-Sat 1 Threespeed
Tool Bag Dead Bride
Flat Bag Skunk
Medi Bag Wombat
Ambassador Leotard
Chalk Bag Skunk
Still Cam Stogie
Airlock Skunk
Life Support 1 DrClaw
Mission Reporter perilous
Stellar Cartographer Lordmcfuzz
Compressor Wrangler Leotard
Paper Wrangler Skunk
Life Support Synthesis DrClaw

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderDrClaw
Mission Size 13 pilots
OriginFort Tyler
DestinationSocially Distanced Adventurting
Light Years22.608
G-Well Activity1.800
Technical Rating1.500