Status: Success


Cursed But Not Doomed

We came, we camped, we survived.

Rumor has it, the Curse of Q — and his never-fulfilled dream of once again taking choppers to the shores of the P-System — showered upon our brave pilots in a myriad of anomalies throughout their mission.

Would all pilots make it to the ferry with the correct transport pass? Was this sea bound vessel capable of handling ships of our stature? Were Dead Bride and Epoxy lost forever in subspace, and would we ever know where Dogi went? Have no fear, the funk prevailed, it was the little mission that could.

Dr. Claw loaded Mjollnir with an impressive and oppressive pile of pilot gear and led the way to Long Wharf Docking Station: Port 4, with Runt in the rear. We were well received by the crew and passengers. Despite our transport ship encountering heavy, dense pulsars to maneuver, no one tossed their cookies. We made it to the P-System for disembarkment and were flocked by locals as we stuffed our faces beside the mighty battalion.

In homage to the voyage the Admiral took a short shore leave to procure a United Galatic sea faring cap which he proudly wore during one of a few promenades the battalion made through the waves of local civis. We toured the nebula a bit then headed to Dune's Edge base camp and set up.

We suffered minor yet prolonged radiation exposure. Acehole saved the crew with an impressive flipflop, pole, and micro-thin radiation shield. When the radiation ceased we headed out for food particles and eventually crossed paths with Dead Bride and Epoxy after multiple failed subspace transmission plans. Doc Claw found an interesting stone pier to be investigated. A fox was spotted scavenging the beach at low tide for shellfish and was eerily unafraid of space travelers. We made a failed attempt at a geocache despite a local ST's friendly offer to turn on the park's light array for us.

Headed back to camp for sleep and libations. Dead Bride and Epoxy broke off to retrieve gear at Coastal Acres and arrived at Dune's Edge to set up camp, socialize, and PTFO after chopping over 40 light years to rendezvous with the crew. In the morning they burnt up to continue their own mission, and the rest of the fleet headed to the beach for shore leave then to the ferry to re-enter the Boston system.

After disembarking once more we headed to the Zakim bridge for the knighting of Runt. Dogi performed the ceremony in an alien language but everyone got the idea and attacked Runt forming a massive hug-unit. Cloudbuster suffered a major gravitational flux and was reoriented horizontally, much to the dismay of its left sonic disruptor dish. We arrived at the fort without major incident with 2 Klingons and a dingy in tow.

Pilot Ship Points Promotion
AceHole Temerity 553.488   Master Chief Petty Officer
Dead Bride Barf Bag (Bombardier) 196.307   Aviator First Class
dogi Rhinoceros 526.952   Captain
DrClaw Mjollnir 1766.96  
Epoxy Barf Bag 198.954  
Red Squirrel Centvrion 577.911   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Runt Doctor Love 459.406   Aviator
Skunk Cloudbuster 818.944  
Wombat ATM Machine 465.091  
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Skunk
Deck Officer BaneThunderwolf
Gate Attendant BaneThunderwolf
Navigator DrClaw
Tailgunner Runt
Com-Sat 1 Red Squirrel
Tool Bag Red Squirrel
Medi Bag Red Squirrel
Ambassador AceHole
Airlock dogi
Life Support 1 Skunk
Life Support 2 AceHole
Damage Control Skunk
Mission Reporter Red Squirrel
Compressor Wrangler Skunk
Filmer AceHole

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderSkunk
Mission Size 9 pilots
OriginFort Tyler
DestinationProvincetown System
Light Years24.929
G-Well Activity1.422
Technical Rating2.618