Status: Posi

PVC Caduceus

Once upon a time Magneato joined SCUL and was planning his first ship. He asked proto-Sprocket what she would make if she were going to make a ship. She considered this and said "I'd make a bike with a round fork." And Caduceus was conceived of.

In 2012 Magneato and Sprocket began to make this round fork. Using steel tubing, it was bent. That tubing sat for awhile. A few months later Magneato welded the three pieces of tubing together. The piece was then covered with protective paint to stop it from rusting.

In 2014 The piece was picked up again and it was considered how to move forward. Dreadflint and Sprocket decided to weld the top of a normal fork to the top of the round fork, and Sprocket cut drop outs. Pieces were selected and cut. DreadFlint began to teach sprocket how to TIG weld.

In 2015 lots of welding practice happened and some welding on the piece. A suitable frame was found. Important parts were tacked together. A few mock pieces were assembled and the ship took its first ride around the asylum with added enthusiasm by Rocket.
In July of 2016, inspired by the shape of the ship, and relieved of her need to honor the pilots who helped her build it in the name of the ship, and in honor of her parents who were both in the medical field Sprocket decides to name the ship Caduceus.

Early 2016 Magneato added a brake line and sprocket found v-brakes and mounted them.

In October 2016 DreadFlint and Sprocket found a few missing pieces and placed them together. Then, a week before Omega mission they decided this was it. They did the last bits of fork welding. Found good wheels, decided on a purple tire and found suitable axels. DreadFlint fixed the cranks and Sprocket overhauled the headset. The front wheel was pretty crooked and there were parts missing from the brakes.

With one day to spare Sprocket worked, using a dremmel to clear out space in a dropout to fix the wheel angle, and finds some spare parts for the brake, but there is still one thing missing. The next day at her job at CrimsonBikes, she finds the missing parts, and with only a few hours to spare at the fort before launch, gets those brakes working, and takes the ship on its first ride outside the fort before deciding it is seaworthy for the nights mission.

That night, November 5th, 2016, Omega Mission / Life Day, Caduceus takes its maiden voyage with no mechanicals, earning Sprocket her first medal of builder.


Light Years100.679
Thrust Rating8.5
Handling Rating8
Difficulty Rating5
Max Warp1

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull TypeRoundish
Chief EngineerDreadFlint
OriginThe Begining
Christened on2012.05.16
Navi Retro
Primary RetroCantilever


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2017.07.22   Chop To The Hop DreadFlint
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