Status: Success


Ancient Alien Ruins

Mission Objectives

  • Navigate our way to the Revere Nebulaeic frontier in search of alien ruins
  • Build a sandcastle or two, just to mess with the natives.
  • At least three pilots get their ankles wet in the Great Atlantic Nebulae
  • S.N.A.X.

----------Transmission Received---------

It was a mission that began in the spring, like any other hot weather, rain, a small crew, pilots, who are close to the start. However, it was a far enough distance, so its size was expected. The Red Sea Fleet was asked to ask Admiral what the goals were
Go to Revere Nebulaeic and look for foreign ruins
Make a sand castle, or two, only for the locals.
At least three pilots keep their ankles in the Great Atlantic Fog

Silfr has baptized their ship Apex, the latest longest in the HARV Navy, and asked us to stop as much as we can. In this note Lordmcfuzz started at night. In spite of its many efforts, traffic was too heavy and the group had to go through the Sullivan Constellation without a big deal, and in the next few years Wormhole would be a smart division that would cause serious problems for everyone. Very high traffic is large, small ships without a spacecraft are particularly sensitive.
Fortunately, Wormhole has now secured and reorganized the flying order to release slower pilots and strive to continuously improve comets and visibility. Everyone was quiet enough to hit the Revere system, with the exception of Dreadflint and PQ, who tried to contact the basket and PQ was almost Sprocket. (I'm sorry)

Despite the bad turn and the added G-pump, PQ is trying to get it out (unfortunately), Fuzz brought the fleet back to the track until it was found that the pulsar perfectly ignores the presence of the fleet. because he hopelessly started Luna 7-11. Finally, the lights shone, and the boats were developed by SNAX. Friends are getting ready for additional advice on shipping about foods that have been spotted precisely on the alien site they were looking for and returned.
LOVE! Horizonte appeared Atlantic Nebula! The battalion managed to hold circles that followed the clouds and looked at the strange structure. Recently, it has not been completely damaged during irradiation and has avoided enough grown small foods. There were five very tall pipes! And, Luna Kelly, the next SNAX, where pilots hide their lives and affirm them.
The slow pilgrimage area went to spatial dishes and deserts, part or all of their spaces, to the left and to the heavyweight joining them. At least 7 have been completely shaken. Meanwhile, Wombat played in the dust, but no other sculptures appeared. Oh, all good things have to end, and pilots have removed packages and ships and finished them again.

There are many! DBs Cooper Epsilon suffered a malfunctioning plasma barrier, which made it possible for some pilots to survive long-term healing, while others were afraid to sleep. Drifting lessons, the fleet again climbed and flew through unsuccessful lesion holes. Somewhere Wombat and PQ have decided to hold their hands as long as they wurggat (and their shoulders) to do this and enjoy it. Constellation Malden, Silfre and Apex came home, although they were holding a Wookie bag.

In addition, Wellington, where Antler, Ravensson was killed, and a short tool bag that was removed from Biebs and subsequently moved to the Starhustler cargo space. In addition, an additional partner was given, because the poor commission noted the mission on this issue. Although Somerville Constellation disturbances cause Ravensson and Antler to leave the ships, it is much larger than the other. The mediation is used because both pilots are flourishing and they need a new ice pack. Tanager, who was able to eat, burn and Antlerius who took with her, a neat game that left the gang too many ships! Biebs had a huge initial death, and after a further hourly survey it was decided, because the location was very close to Ft Knowlton, the boat was swimming there. Sprocket is kindly sprayed from Starhustler and Curb Burner. Other "light years" were assigned to several Epsilon / Ravensson combinations, and the remaining pilot schemes were recycled to the bottom launcher.

----------End Transmission----------
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Antlers Bieber Fever 487.031   Lieutenant Commander
DrClaw Shockwave 708.291   Commander
DreadFlint Star Hustler 188.008   Aviator First Class
Epsilon D.B. Cooper 715.413   Chief Petty Officer
Lordmcfuzz Super Hardon Collider 912.629  
Pastry Queen Princess Fun Police 495.769   Commander
Ravensson Mjollnir 622.796   Chief Petty Officer
Silfr Civilian Ship 88.4241  
Skunk Cloudbuster 828.317   Admiral
Sprocket Star Hustler (Bombardier) 139.547   Pilot
Tanager Curb Burner 637.507   Lieutenant Junior Grade
Wombat ATM Machine 428.454   Captain
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Skunk
Deck Officer Epsilon
Navigator Lordmcfuzz
Tailgunner Antlers
Com-Sat 1 Ravensson
Com-Sat 2 Epsilon
Tool Bag Antlers
Flat Bag Ravensson
Medi Bag Epsilon
Wookiee Bag Silfr
Ambassador Tanager
Chalk Bag Tanager
Still Cam Epsilon
Airlock DrClaw
Recycler Ravensson
Life Support 1 Skunk
Life Support 2 DrClaw
Damage Control Epsilon
Minister of Zoobs Ravensson
Mission Pinner Ravensson
Mission Debriefer Pastry Queen
Mission Reporter Pastry Queen
Stellar Cartographer Lordmcfuzz
Cleaner Tanager
Compressor Wrangler Skunk
Print Jockey Skunk

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderSkunk
Mission Size 12 pilots
OriginFort Tyler
DestinationThe Alien Ruins of Revere Nebulaeic Border
Light Years24.149
G-Well Activity1.218
Technical Rating1.409