Status: Success


Riot Grrrlz In Space

8 pilots and one guest gathered to keep vigil over the local spaceways while the away team was off exploring deep space at the Harold Parker outpost in the northlands. Pastry Queen took the helm to pay tribute to the lady warriors of yesterday and tomorrow, while first-time navigator Kongzilla led the way, and Dreadflint resurrected Synesthesia from its extended slumber to ensure the mission had groove -- a sprawling female-fronted playlist Pastry Queen had crowdsourced over the course of several days earlier in the week. We made a beeline up Mass Ave. and took the back way through Alewife to the head of the Minuteman, which we followed for only a short while to Arlington, where we approached the gravitational event horizon of the Edith M. Fox Library, but did not penetrate it.

Back down Mass. Ave. to the Davis Constellation we stopped at Luna JP Licks where several pilots indulged in the Earth delicacy known as "ice cream". Onward we proceeded to the Cambridge Common, where a mighty pirate ship was encountered, and Pastry Queen regaled us with tales of the legendary Chinese ladypirate Ching Shih, a former prostitute who rose to prominence and became one of the most powerful pirates in history.

Next Kongzilla took us to the inlet by the Cambridgeside Galleria to fulfill our final mission objective: having a dance party at a mall. We made several daring loops directly through a treacherous array of radiation turrets that left most pilots drenched, before finally settling on a location tucked back off the main walkway, where we proceeded to have our dance party. Things were just heating up, until a "mall ST" on a peculiar ambulatory device rolled up and told us we had to leave, so we packed up our stuff and made the short jaunt over to North Point Park to complete our business.

Things were more isolated at North Point and we were able to bust some serious moves to several additional anthems of female empowerment, after first doing some loops around the waterside paths and spotting a massive rat skulking around the playground. A simple slide-top photo op quickly evolved into an elaborate photo shoot with Tard, Sparrow, Spoons, Pastry Queen, and Kongzilla all balancing and bopping in unison. Once all yayas had been released, we flew casual back to base where further appreciation was distributed on the landing pad.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
DreadFlint Synesthesia 349.552   Petty Officer Third Class
Kongzilla Bieber Fever 405.589   Aviator First Class
Kpafun Civilian Ship 33.9196  
Leotard Darkendank 416.276   Lieutenant Commander
Pastry Queen Scollay Rancher 1558.65  
Precision El Guapo 0  
Sparrow Scollay Rancher (Bombardier) 0  
Wombat Chastity 683.733   Commander
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Pastry Queen
Deck Officer Pastry Queen
Navigator Kongzilla
Tailgunner Leotard
Com-Sat 1 Wombat
Tool Bag Pastry Queen
Flat Bag Pastry Queen
Medi Bag Leotard
Ambassador Pastry Queen
Chalk Bag Precision
Still Cam Sparrow
Airlock Leotard
Life Support 1 DreadFlint
Damage Control Wombat
Mission Pinner Pastry Queen
Mission Debriefer Wombat
Mission Reporter Wombat
Stellar Cartographer Wombat
Compressor Wrangler DreadFlint
Life Support Synthesis Pastry Queen

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderPastry Queen
Mission Size 8 pilots
OriginFort Tyler
Light Years15.342
G-Well Activity1.224
Technical Rating2.011