Status: Success



Full of french fries, pastry queen got home at 3 am, peeled off her spacesuit and collapsed into cryogenesis. Seeming moments later, she sat bolt upright! The sun was up and she couldn’t delay. There was another mission to run!

Several weeks ago, she’d gotten a missive about some starchildren interested in dabbling in space travel. pq and Rocket spent an afternoon teaching them to outfit themselves and their ships appropriately, and how to conduct themselves in outer space. The starchildren were eager learners, their suits were wild, and their handling skills impressive. Additionally, all their progress was caught by a filmer documenting the whole process for posterity.

Now, like the white rabbit, she was late, late, LATE! Would any other pilots show up? Many of the most stalwart of the fleet were likely still in deep cryo, patching damage incurred in the deep space of the previous day’s century. Missives were sent with negative or no response. She chose a ship seemingly meant for this sole purpose, the Everclashing Gobstopper. At the fort, as she reattached the sonic disruptor, Rocket showed up! He expressed dismay at the presence of the ship, and regret that his own sonic disruption unit was nowhere to be found. They were joined by Bane Thunderwolf, Excess, and a daystar only guest, Parrotful.

Launch proceeded, helter skelter, with pilots ready to move under the unexpectedly harsh daystar, and the fleet was up and away. Fortunately, the HONK! distress call coordinates were only a few short light years away. The starchildren were there, suitably impressed by the funk and circumstance of their surroundings. They were coached on behaviour around HARV’s and practiced parade formation while consuming “pizza” molecules. The ragtag group were joined by Hackworth and BBZ, and Stogie, who was, of course, on Chubz and looking for the amassed pilots. Also in the vicinity, bedecked in various splendor were Fart Noises, a sparkly Perilous, glamorous YT, and the ever funkitudinous Kpafun.

As the parade began to move, pq led the star children in one circle, while the remaining pilots formed another. They continued in this fashion until parade formation became clear, and the group became one circle. Excess proved that presto changeo mk 6 is an excellent high five machine, while Bane and Rocket delighted the crowd with their aerial magic. The various starchildren delighted in high fives, receiving cheer, and generally showing off their fancy ships. One ran aground into a miniature civilian transport unit, and Rocket kindly dusted her off, cheered her up, and helped her rejoin the parade.

Curiously, just behind SCUL, there appeared to be a walking cornucopia. The cornucopia didn’t concern itself with the fleet, and while waving and interacting with the crowds, repeatedly wandered, with much danger to itself, into the middle of the circling fleet. Efforts were made to combat this, but to no avail. Several filmer units were also deployed with the starchildren, and they attempted to move unobtrusively throughout the fleet, capturing civilian engagement.

As the procession neared constellation Harvard, the civilians drew closer and the skyways narrowed. It became clear that the starchildren must burn up for their own safety. They cheered and thanked SCUL for hosting them. Simultaneously, BBz ejected his own cheerio molecules, and made his displeasure obvious enough to hackworth that they, too, vaporized into the daystar. The remaining pilots forced their way through civilians and flew casually back to Fort S-town, where Parrotful was hazed and ice cream molecules were consumed.

pastry queen sat bolt upright. This wasn’t right. It was too early, her cryochamber hadn’t thoroughly defrosted yet… what a strange dream…. Who flies a HARV in robot shield?! How did anyone leave her in charge of starchildren?! And why wasn’t anyone upset about Everclashing Gobstopper?! Strange dreams indeed!
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
BaneThunderwolf Bieber Fever 298.378  
BBZ Civilian Ship 0  
eXceSs Presto Changeo 90.65  
hackworth Civilian Ship 13.73  
Pastry Queen Everclashing Gobstopper 163.689  
Rocket 88 274.46   Ensign
Stogie Chubz 93.46  
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Pastry Queen
Deck Officer Pastry Queen
Navigator eXceSs
Tailgunner BaneThunderwolf
Tool Bag eXceSs
Ambassador hackworth
Airlock eXceSs
Life Support 1 Rocket
Minister of Zoobs BaneThunderwolf
Mission Debriefer Pastry Queen
Mission Reporter Pastry Queen

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderPastry Queen
Mission Size 7 pilots
OriginFort Tyler
DestinationParade Formation
Light Years5.500
G-Well Activity0.000
Technical Rating2.730