Status: Success


Voulez Vous Woohoo

Mission Objectives

transport to Shelburne, VT.
camp and migrate through Lake Champlain islands
Cross into Canada universe to Montreal
Explore Montreal and its bike friendliness
Return through Galaxy NY to Port Kent
Don't get trapped at the border with radiobox questions

Mission Summary

Day Un

A small convey set out to do what no SCUL pilot had previously done before--navigate unchartered territory in hopes of entering another universe. The pilots met at fort summer, loaded gear in transport and set out for the Vermont galaxy. The transport took its sweet ole time arriving in hopes of not overheating due to its tremendous cargo load. 6 earth hours later, we arrived at the Shelbourne System in the Vermont Galaxy. We abandoned our transport and suited up for the next four days ahead. Collectively we had roughly 85 earth pounds of gear, not including radiobox.

WalTor navigated the fleet down towards the Champlain Nebula where we followed the Burlington bike path and realized that Burlington civilians wore frowns on their faces. We continued to the Colchester system where we set up camp for the night at Mallets Bay. With a great deal of work and scavenging, we started a campfire, set up our tents, and found some juice for radiobox.

Day Deux

We broke down camp and headed through the Colchester system along a rather nasty portion of Starpath rt2 and Starpath rt7. Luckily we caught up to a tour group piloting 20 civilian ships who were heading to the same location. We joined up with their fleet, crossed over to the Champlain islands and stopped for fueling, leaving the civilians. We continued through the Grand Isle System towards Knights Point. The sky looked ominous predicting not just radiation but severe electromagnetic storms. A concerned civilian stopped her transport to warn us of the forecast which also called for comet bombardment. Fearful of being in an open field, we headed to Knight'sPoint for shelter to wait out the impending doom. While waiting for the storm to pass, we picnicked under a small shelter. But no storm hit and the atmosphere seemed to return to a stable state, so pilots changed out of their spacesuits and into amphibious gear for a quick dip in the nebula. After an earth hour we suited up and continued heading out. Once again the sky looked ominous. Rumbling made its way across golf courses and the pilots hammered their way to shelter at the Luna Hero's Welcome Café. Some refueling and sky-watching, led us to believe we had nothing to dread and better head for camp, so we once again mounted our saddles and headed the remaining 7 light years to the Alburg System. These last few light years provided no opportunity for shelter. We had to make it to Alburg. Once again the sky clouded up and this time we could see we were heading directly towards an electromagnetic storm. Timing indicated the storm was a mere three light years away and we were still two light years from our landing pad. Again. We hammered into the Alburg System, arrived at Goose Point Campground and took shelter at a de-fueling station. Within 15 earth minutes the downpour started. Tiny comets struck the ground. Then larger comets hit. We felt relieved at our luck. After the storm passed Nosepicker, WalTor, and PigPen went swimming and we set up camp. Skunk picked up some firewood so we could have a nice little campfire. It turned out to be a 2 hour fight of whittling wood, blowing, re-lighting wood, and listening to laughter from the campground owners. However, our team effort worked out and we were able to fuel up on marshmallow molecules and then went to bed in high spirits.

Day Trois

Knowing that our camping days were over, our first stop was at the Luna Post Office to mail home our tents and release some cargo pounds. We then headed for the wall of our universe. We found a wormhole and were surprised how easily we crossed into a parallel universe without requiring so much as id. Radiobox was not even questioned. We were now in uncharted territory. WalTor navigated past farmland. The wind was especially fierce and we had another 50 light years to go. We stopped repeatedly to get back our energy, refuel, and change our currency. The Canadian universe had very friendly and happy civilians who greeted us and cheered as we passed. This kept our spirits high despite the strong solar winds. Several hours later we ended up on a bike path that took us right towards the Montreal System. The path curled around through several parks, entered a formula 1 race track and then led us across The St.Lawrence river. The city was now before us, but was not without obstacles. The local jazz festival closed off several planets making navigation tricky. The Planet Avenue Du Parc was especially difficult to navigate due to serious transport activity and bizarre clover leaf patterns in the middle of it. The planet and 60 light years proved to be a bit much for WalTor who fainted at the top of some negi g-well. A quick catch by Skunk and some refueling and he showed a fast recovery. We managed to continue up the planet to our hostels. PigPen and Nosepicker had separate accommodations than WalTor, Skunk and Diva. However, the loser at the hostel lost the reservation of WalTor Skunk and Diva and so we, without rooms, headed to visit PIgPen and Nosepicker in hopes of finding a place to stay. The owner of their hostel, Pierre, was extremely accommodating. He created a room for the three pilots to rest themselves as all other hostels in the city were booked. Skunk, WalTor and Diva were very grateful. The day took at lot out of us and pilots needed to rest up&hellp;except for Skunk who had an unbounded amount of energy and managed to go out on the town. Skunk headed down the Planet St. Catherine's where he received a 5 dollar tip for being so styling. He returned in the wee hours of the night.

Day Quatre

The day started with a big breakfast at a french café. Pilots then mounted up and headed along bike path to the outskirts of the city. The wind was still but it was a hot day. We got slightly off-course but discovered a small water park. Immediately pilots ran under the sprinklers to cool off. We then continued across the St. Lawrence river in wall formation. We completed a donut on the formula 1 track and left the Montreal system. Pilots made good time despite the heat. Again we crossed farmland and headed to another wormhole that would allow us to return to our universe. After 56 light years we reached our crossing at the Rouses Point System. We were approached by a ST who asked us several questions but not one about radiobox. We re-enetered our universe relieved that radiobox was still in tact. We got our groove on and headed to the Space Station Anchorage Hotel in Rouses Point. The convoy checked in, showered, and then headed into town for fueling at the Luna Ole Times Café.

Day Cinq

This was the last day of the ride and probably one of the hardest. Once again the wind was not in our favor. The thermostat read 93 degrees. It was going to be a tough journey home. Pilots stayed in flight formation to help deal with the rough winds. We met up with a pelaton who cheered us on. Skunk rode with them for a ways and then continued back in our own flight formation. We dumped fuel at a marina in the Chazy System and then headed for the Plattsburg system. By the time we arrived we felt wiped out. We took a long rest and had a group team hug to get our spirits ready for the remaining light years. Fueled on sandwich molecules and pop ice we headed out of the Plattsburg system where we encountered unpaved planets. Luckily the pavement returned after 3 light years. Our star warts were acting up and we had another 15 light years before we could cross on the ferry. We encountered some serious g-well as we approached the port Kent system. Tired from the wind and g-well activity, we rested up at a metal sculpture garden. We then continued towards the ferry through some of the worst g-well of the trip. Skunk mastered each of the climbs while diva preferred to spacewalk. At 1600 hours we reached the ferry crossing allowing us to cross out of the NY galaxy and enter the Vermont galaxy again. We got off the ferry and headed along the Burlington bike path towards the Shelbourne system where we climbed our way back to Diva's sister's space station. Some resting and cheering by the local civilians kept our spirits up for the completion of our epic journey. We arrived at 1900 hours on the 4th of July. Diva's sister and brother-in-law prepared a mighty feast for the pilots and bonfire. Our only mechanical was the malfunction of one of Nosepicker's sonic disruptors. Skunk received a medal of strength for climbing every hill. Nosepicker and PigPen received injuries for colliding with PigPen after a quadroped attack. WalTor received strength for riding so hard that he passed out. And all received the amazing satisfaction of having crossed into another universe
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Diva Incineraider 5722.24  
Nosepicker Slag 2600.89   Admiral, Fleet Ready
PigPen Saint Christopher 3814.49   Admiral
Skunk Catastrophe 4504.77  
WalTor Singularity 6171.26   Admiral, Fleet Ready
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader WalTor
Deck Officer Skunk
Navigator WalTor
Tailgunner Diva
Tool Bag WalTor
Flat Bag PigPen
Still Cam Diva
Life Support 1 Skunk
Mission Reporter Skunk

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderWalTor
Mission Size 5 pilots
OriginShelbourne, VT space station
Light Years230.750
G-Well Activity3.908
Technical Rating4.002