Pilot Date2003.07.26
Total Light Years3,865.95

Nosepicker is everybody's buddy. He's the kind of guy who would let you puke off the back of his ship. He also eats candy for breakfast. He is so superultra mega cool, and he does not am not cool.


Mission Leader7
Com-Sat 11
Tool Bag20
Flat Bag17
Medi Bag3
Chalk Bag5
Life Support 11
Life Support 21
Damage Control2
Mission Debriefer2
Mission Reporter4
Radio Wrangler1


MRC Basic
Fort Maintenance
Colors on Person
Derby Win
Derby Ribbon Grab


Hosted ByRotwang
Pilot Date2003.07.26

Pilots Hosted: 8

Service Record

Date Div Mission Ship
2023.10.28 MAD Hallowheels '23 Civilian Ship
2023.09.03 MAD Dead by Dawn Civilian Ship
2022.10.29 MAD Hallowheels 2022 Civilian Ship
2022.06.04 MAD Big Dig: SCUL Day Episode 26 Wingnut
2019.10.05 MAD Skunk Day 50 G.I. Jane
2018.06.30 MAD Hot Night Squirt Gun Fight! G.I. Jane
2016.07.30 MAD Pretty Princess Civilian Ship
2016.06.04 MAD Twentieth Anniversary Fox G.I. Jane
2016.04.16 MAD The Friendly Skies Civilian Ship
2015.10.31 MAD Hallowheels 2015 Civilian Ship
2015.06.13 MAD Keeping up ApPEARances G.I. Jane
2015.06.06 MAD Hey Nineteen: SCUL Day 2015 G.I. Jane
2015.05.09 MAD Honking Brass Band, Hidden Rhino G.I. Jane
2015.04.18 MAD Cloaked in Cardboard G.I. Jane
2015.04.04 MAD Alfalfa Mission '15 G.I. Jane
2014.11.08 MAD Overtime: Omegamission '14 G.I. Jane
2014.08.02 MAD Leave It To Chance Lust
2014.05.31 MAD All Aboard the SCUL Express! G.I. Jane
2014.04.12 MAD Macular Assault G.I. Jane
2014.04.05 MAD Alphonsemission '14 G.I. Jane
2013.11.02 MAD Omegamission 2013 Raw Deal
2013.09.07 MAD Back 2 SCUL Raw Deal
2013.08.31 MAD Sea Fortress Recon Star Hustler
2013.08.17 MAD Buzz Kill Darkendank
2013.08.03 MAD Dollar A Pound G.I. Jane
2013.07.13 MAD Stifie's Chooper Gang Darkendank
2013.06.29 MAD Radiation Warz!!! G.I. Jane
2013.05.18 MAD Raise A Flag G.I. Jane
2013.05.11 MAD Shake Your Bones G.I. Jane
2013.04.27 MAD Hot Potato Darkendank
2013.04.13 MAD Pajama Party Pestilence
2013.04.06 MAD Alpacamission '13 Darkendank
2012.11.03 MAD Novemberiffic Omegamission Dr. Beverly Crusher
2012.10.27 MAD Hallowheels 2012 Dr. Beverly Crusher
2012.10.20 MAD Picture Day Disco Digital Snapshot Funtime Extreme Civilian Ship
2012.10.06 MAD Skunk Day 2012 Dr. Beverly Crusher
2012.08.25 MAD For Tinman Darkendank
2012.08.18 MAD Flight of the Bumblebee Darkendank
2012.08.11 MAD Shabadoonicorn Darkendank
2012.08.04 MAD No Matter What Civilian Ship
2012.07.21 MAD Orange You Glad It's Pecan Day? Darkendank
2012.07.14 MAD Aurora SCULealis Darkendank
2012.06.30 MAD One Wet Pilot Redemption
2012.06.16 MAD Where My Party At? One Night Stand
2012.06.09 MAD SCUL Day: Can You Dig It? Redemption
2012.05.26 MAD I Don't Want To Grow Up Chrome Pony
2012.05.12 MAD Word To Your Mother! Redemption
2012.05.05 MAD Super Mooning Raw Deal
2012.04.28 MAD Voyage to Arkham Raw Deal
2012.04.21 MAD Tea and Grackle Pestilence
2012.04.14 MAD Saturn in Opposition Yer Mom
2012.04.07 MAD Cranktabulous Alphamission! Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino
2011.12.31 MAD Cranks for the Memories Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino
2011.10.15 MAD Gag Me With A Raspberry Beret Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino
2011.10.08 MAD Skunk Day Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino
2011.10.01 MAD Medley Mission Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino
2011.09.24 MAD Longrange Badass Rendezvous Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino
2011.09.17 MAD Weird Bumps Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino
2011.09.10 MAD Century Bendicorium Quo SCULibum Non Sit Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino
2011.09.03 MAD Movie Night and Bicycle Alchemy Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino
2011.08.27 MAD Hurricane Shmurricane Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino
2011.08.20 MAD 8-bit Seal Cruft Civilian Ship
2011.08.13 MAD Tyler Perry Presents Mary Tyler Moore In 'Fort ... Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino
2011.08.06 MAD Princess 5: Hapto's Last Stand (for now) Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino
2011.07.30 MAD Fashion Show Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino
2011.07.23 MAD Gong Swimmin' Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino
2011.07.16 MAD Bach in the USSR (boretum) Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino
2011.07.02 MAD Wild Goose Chase Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino
2011.06.25 MAD Turn It Up Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino
2011.06.18 MAD Skywriter G.I. Jane
2011.06.04 MAD SCULimpics 2011 G.I. Jane
2011.05.28 MAD Picnic By The Sea G.I. Jane
2011.05.14 MAD Cold Fusion Reactor G.I. Jane
2011.04.30 MAD Let Them Eat Cake Darkendank
2011.04.02 MAD Alphamission Episode 2011 G.I. Jane
2010.10.23 MAD Shiny Metals Chumlee
2010.10.16 MAD Mega Ride G.I. Jane
2010.10.10 MAD HONK! Parade 2010 G.I. Jane
2010.10.09 MAD Skunk Day Episode 2010 G.I. Jane
2010.08.07 MAD Veteran Pilots Day Meets Iron Cog Day G.I. Jane
2010.07.31 MAD The Gentille Ladylike Missonette de La Belle Ha... G.I. Jane
2010.05.29 MAD Gelatinous Cube USMMRUSMWW.com
2010.05.22 MAD Secret Places Civilian Ship
2010.04.10 MAD Blue Angels in a Ho-down Darkendank
2009.06.27 MAD Fallen Heroes Civilian Ship
2009.06.13 MAD Chicken Little Rides Again! Swamp Thing
2009.04.25 MAD Space, the Final Funtier MSH2kBH
2009.04.04 MAD Aplhamission MSH2kBH
2008.11.01 MAD Hallowheels 2008 MSH2kBH
2008.10.25 MAD Radiation Schmadiation Pestilence
2008.10.18 MAD Downtown MSH2kBH
2008.10.11 MAD Ba-Honk-a-donk in tha Trunk MSH2kBH
2008.10.04 MAD Skunk Day MSH2kBH
2008.09.20 MAD Dont Tell Mom II - Electric Boogaloo Filthy Def A Kator
2008.09.13 MAD Mony Mony (ride ChromePony) MSH2kBH
2008.08.30 MAD 13 Circles of Hell, Are We There Yet? USMDSUP3LGPMNTI
2008.08.23 MAD Dance & Derby Pestilence
2008.08.16 MAD Friendly Fire Pestilence
2008.08.02 MAD Lost Boys USMDSUP3LGPMNTI
2008.07.26 MAD It's Hard to Be a Princess Darkendank
2008.07.19 MAD So Hot My Mission Name Melted Pestilence
2008.07.12 MAD Balls in Spaaaaaaace Pestilence
2008.07.05 MAD Waltor Day Carnival Catastrophe
2008.06.21 MAD Submersive Choppah Underwater League Quaziscroto
2008.06.14 MAD Kick It Like Vomit Darkendank
2008.06.07 MAD SCUL Day 2008 Quaziscroto
2008.05.31 MAD Starship Safari Quaziscroto
2008.05.24 MAD Space Truckin' Quaziscroto
2008.05.17 MAD Bicycle Boogie Quaziscroto
2008.05.10 MAD Mixtape Quaziscroto
2008.04.26 MAD Merit Badge Quaziscroto
2008.04.19 MAD Don't Tell Megaseth it's MegaSeth Day Quaziscroto
2008.04.12 MAD Get Everyone Lathed Quaziscroto
2008.04.05 MAD AlphaMissle 08 Quaziscroto
2007.09.29 MAD Walking the Party Line Civilian Ship
2007.08.11 MAD Who's Got Tool Bag? [Diva Day] Famine
2007.08.04 MAD Radiation Treatment Famine
2007.07.21 MAD SCULimpics 2007 G.I. Jane
2007.06.23 MAD Fresh (Pond) Air G.I. Jane
2007.06.15 MAD Wing It [Vomit Day 2007] Pride
2007.06.11 MAD Anarchy Day Delirium
2007.06.02 MAD SCUL Day 2007 Yer Mom
2007.05.26 MAD Rotwang Day Quaziscroto
2007.05.19 MAD Why Does It Always Radiate On My Parade? Catastrophe
2007.05.12 MAD Bring Your Own Fun Famine
2007.04.14 MAD Suburban White Boy Lament [MegaSeth Day] Pride
2007.04.07 MAD ALPHA 007 Vaganus Persquerter
2006.10.21 MAD Whistle While You Twerk Catastrophe
2006.10.14 MAD 80's Ride Part Deux (Megaseth Day) Filthy Def A Kator
2006.10.07 MAD Skunk Day 2006 - Scorpion Bowl Agenda Filthy Def A Kator
2006.09.30 MAD Bovine Bonanza Chrome Pony
2006.09.23 MAD We Accidentally Terminated An Earthling Chastity
2006.09.16 MAD Big Trouble In Little China Pale Horse
2006.09.09 MAD Homecoming Queen Annihilation
2006.09.02 MAD Forced Acceptance Pale Horse
2006.08.19 MAD NoWay Day Adventure Storm Rider
2006.08.12 MAD eXtremo™ Nameless Day, 2006 Centvrion
2006.08.06 MAD Design Skwad Storm Rider
2006.08.05 MAD Swing Set (Diva Day) Storm Rider
2006.07.29 MAD Subconscious Party Summer
2006.07.22 MAD Midnight Leopard Death Squad 2006 Spooky Pirate
2006.07.08 MAD Waltor Day 2006 Pestilence
2006.06.24 MAD June Oh Ween G.I. Jane
2006.06.17 MAD Vomit Day2006 Catastrophe
2006.06.03 MAD SCUL Day 2006 Storm Rider
2006.05.27 MAD Keep On Truckin (Rotwang Day) Storm Rider
2006.05.20 MAD Crack Day Of Awesome Storm Rider
2006.05.06 MAD Alphamission 06 Large Marge
2005.10.30 MAD Hallowheels05 Storm Rider
2005.10.22 MAD Penultimate Radiation Conundrum Large Marge
2005.10.15 MAD Radiation Scattering Spooky Pirate
2005.10.08 MAD Skunk Day 05 Anarchy
2005.10.01 MAD OctoberTest Darkendank
2005.09.24 MAD Isla Castilia Ultra Super Mega Retarded Bike
2005.09.17 MAD Rain Rain Go Away Rusty Trombone
2005.09.10 MAD Moose Day Celebrated PlateOShrimp
2005.08.26 MAD Operation Super Posi Summer
2005.08.20 MAD Egg Toss G.I. Jane
2005.08.13 MAD No NoWay Day Ultra Super Mega Retarded Bike
2005.07.30 MAD NamelessDay: Local Defense System Pride
2005.07.23 MAD Megaseth Day Jumbo Shrimp
2005.07.16 MAD Post SCULimpics Skylab
2005.07.09 MAD One Bike To Rule Them All Sleipnir
2005.07.02 MAD WalTor Day (2005) Saint Christopher
2005.06.25 MAD LowKey G.I. Joe
2005.06.11 MAD Hot and Moist Large Marge
2005.06.04 MAD SCUL Day 2005 Jumbo Shrimp
2005.05.28 MAD Full Metal Jackets (R0twang Day) Jumbo Shrimp
2005.05.21 MAD No Plan Greed
2005.05.14 MAD Stoodio53 Jumbo Shrimp
2005.05.07 MAD Iron Pouring Jumbo Shrimp
2005.04.30 MAD Nothing But Strong G.I. Jane
2005.04.23 MAD Radiation Overload Ultra Super Mega Kill Bike
2005.04.16 MAD Mega Seth a liscous Famine
2005.04.09 MAD Beta Missssion 05 Ultra Super Mega Kill Bike
2005.04.02 MAD Aplamission 05 Ultra Super Mega Kill Bike
2004.10.30 MAD Hallowheels 2004 (Omegamission) DVDA
2004.10.23 MAD Recurse The 'Verse Skylab
2004.10.16 MAD Jump Start Abandon All Hope
2004.10.09 MAD Skunk Day 04 G.I. Jane
2004.10.02 MAD Old School G.I. Jane
2004.09.25 MAD Axis of Elvis G.I. Jane
2004.09.21 MAD Centvrion LoveII Summer
2004.09.18 MAD Broken Pickle Summer
2004.09.11 MAD College Rock G.I. Jane
2004.09.05 MAD Southern Exposure (Century 04) Skylab
2004.08.28 MAD Picnic Basket (Moose Day) Skylab
2004.08.21 MAD Wet and Wild Abandon All Hope
2004.08.14 MAD NoWay No-Show Abandon All Hope
2004.08.07 MAD Booty Camp Jumbo Shrimp
2004.07.31 MAD Tour De Nosepicker Skylab
2004.07.24 MAD Naked Keg Party G.I. Jane
2004.07.18 MAD I Can't Believe It's Not Hu-man G.I. Jane
2004.07.17 MAD SCULimpics 2004 G.I. Jane
2004.07.10 MAD Chop-In Theater (Waltor Day) Skylab
2004.06.30 MAD Voulez Vous Woohoo Slag
2004.06.26 MAD FireFlies Skylab
2004.06.19 MAD I Dunno (vomit day) G.I. Jane
2004.06.12 MAD Studio 53 Skylab
2004.05.29 MAD Wherever The Wind Blows Skylab
2004.05.22 MAD Howdy Partner (Rotwang Day) Skylab
2004.05.15 MAD Opertation Shoulda Turned Left At Albuquerque G.I. Jane
2004.05.08 MAD Derby Durby Derbie Skylab
2004.04.30 MAD Centvrion of Love Centvrion
2004.04.24 MAD Oppo Oppo G.I. Jane
2004.04.17 MAD Stop N Chop G.I. Jane
2004.04.10 MAD Beta Ride Centvrion
2004.04.03 MAD Alphamission 04 Annihilation
2003.11.01 MAD Hallowheels 03 G.I. Jane
2003.10.25 MAD As Seen On TV Compliance
2003.10.18 MAD Tour De Ville Bonnie & Clyde
2003.10.11 MAD Pump Up The Volume G.I. Jane
2003.10.04 MAD Skunk Day 03 G.I. Jane
2003.09.27 MAD SCULimpics 2003 G.I. Jane
2003.09.20 MAD Arbor Mayhem G.I. Jane
2003.09.13 MAD Port Foint Swamp Thing
2003.09.06 MAD Breaking Headlines Mjollnir
2003.08.30 MAD Century 03 Silver King
2003.08.23 MAD Don't Tell Mom Bonnie & Clyde
2003.08.16 MAD NoWay Day A-OK Summer
2003.08.09 MAD Large Melon Summer
2003.08.02 MAD Storm The Castle Summer
Iron Cog
Flying Ace