Status: Success


Century 03

Mission Objectives

ride 100 light years
don't burn up on reentry
don't lose your cool

Mission Summary

Thirteen pilots showed for what is the most brutal mission of the season: 100 light years on a chopper. The fleet met in the wee morning hours and launched on time at 0800 hours for NorthStation. Upon arriving at NorthStation, pilots and ships boarded a space shuttle to the Haverill System. We arrived at our destination at 1000 hours and started are long journey home along the Merrimack. A brief stop for fuel and we were on our way. However, several light years after turning onto Spacepath Church we missed an important starboard and had to encounter some negi Gwell as a result of our error. We pressed on in hopes of finding a way back on course and took the first starboard that presented itself. It turned out that the way back on course was to take Starpath Skunk! All pilots considered this a good luck beacon and felt confident about our ability to complete the mission. We followed the Merrimack to Ipswich where we stopped for more fuel at a local luna. We then headed for the Great Atlantic Nebula. As we approached the Gloucester system, the gwell activity kicked up, which made it very difficult for Torquebox who was riding a rather ambitious ship for the century---the hand powered Scrub. We continued on towards the Rockport System and got held up at a Drawbridge crossing. Here we encountered a fan club of civilians who tried out our ships in exchange for a ride on theirs. Shortly after the crossing, Torquebox took a space shuttle ride back to Boston having completed 43 light years! We wished him well and all admired him for having the toughest biceps in the fleet. We then headed onwards through some rather nasty negi gwell activity through the Rockport system and headed back through Gloucester along the NorthShore towards Boston. We stopped for dinner molecules at a Luna bearing two old bicycles along its store front. We then pressed on for home. The Lynn System proved to be a rather difficult system to navigate through, but the pilots made it through to Everett , Malden and finally back to familiar territory. No major injuries or serious mechanicals were encountered on the mission. Twelve pilots successfully completed the mission at 0015hours in good spirits (despite their cases of star warts).
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
beezwax One Night Stand 1240.52   Commodore
Diva Incineraider 2669.24  
Hazard Ez Raider 571.474   Commander
Nameless Holy Molar 1824.43   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Nosepicker Silver King 1486.41   Commodore
PainBunny Doctor Love 1252.41   Lieutenant
PigPen Bad Motivator 668.983   Commander
Rotwang Pale Horse 1106.97   Admiral
Skunk Catastrophe 2232.49  
Threespeed DexionDestroyer 1217.78   Commander
TorqueBox Scrub 1717.03   Commodore
vomit Jan Brady 1166.14   Admiral
WalTor Singularity 3610.88  
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader WalTor
Deck Officer Skunk
Navigator WalTor
Tailgunner Diva
Medi Bag Diva
Life Support 1 Skunk
Mission Debriefer PigPen
Mission Reporter Diva

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderWalTor
Mission Size 13 pilots
OriginFort Summer
DestinationHaverill, Rockport, and the sea
Light Years100.000
G-Well Activity2.600
Technical Rating2.000