Status: Success


Tour De Ville

Tonight, a whole mess of maggots rodeā€¦ 10 in all. We rode the Somerville wormhole to a cool derby arena and derbied several times. From there we cruised through the less frequently traveled boroughs of Somerville, following the path of the Tour De Somerville. A second round of derbies took place. Some pilots removed their spacesuits. Beezwax managed to remove her spacesuit inflight. WooHoo. We rode to a kickass party at Human MGG's House. We got all 36 pilots in the apartment at once and boogied down. Some hoola-hoopin and roof chillin' took place. When we left, we saw a couple of ST cruisers pull up to the party. I know we like to chop cruiser frames, but not that kind. En route to the fort, we stopped for toroidal sustenance at Luna DD's. Most of the pilots made it back to the fort in one piece. SUCCESS!!!!
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Asher VWBeetle 274.438  
beezwax One Night Stand 252.547  
Bushido Summer 301.589  
Concarne Circus Peanut 99.3799   Commodore
Crocodile Ez Raider 74.1636   Aviator
Crotch Fesant Anger 107.391   Aviator First Class
Danger Mouse PlateOShrimp 62.1987   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Diva Silver King 3856.22  
Feint Pig Champion 131.356   Aviator First Class
Fool Compliance 247.462   Lieutenant
Gris Bone Swamp Thing 148.133   Aviator First Class
Jacknife BigRig 118.727   Aviator First Class
Jmonie Pride 140.637   Aviator First Class
ktron Pestilence 293.764   Petty Officer First Class
Lefty Lucy Chrome Pony 145.057  
MoneyShot Vertigo 296.311  
Monkeyboy Mjollnir 164.681  
moose Trez Bonz 304.97  
Nameless Moxie Moron 296.743  
Nosepicker Bonnie & Clyde 329.968  
Oppo Doctor Love 142.337   Aviator First Class
PainBunny Darkendank 501.149   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Peachpit Ooh La La 82.069   Aviator
Phooka Devastation 513.137   Lieutenant Commander
PigPen Water 1232.34   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Rotwang Pale Horse 341.421  
Ruckus G.I. Jane 58.1965  
Samurai DeadBaron 77.1423   Aviator
Skunk Catastrophe 550.592  
The Boy Famine 130.745   Aviator First Class
Threespeed DexionDestroyer 169.306  
TorqueBox Redemption 180.25   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Trogdor War 532.054   Ensign
vomit Jan Brady 280.357   Admiral, Fleet Ready
WalTor Singularity 240.154  
Zappa Bad Motivator 432.166   Commodore
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Skunk
Deck Officer Diva
Gate Attendant Diva
Navigator vomit
Tailgunner PigPen
Tool Bag PigPen
Medi Bag Zappa
Life Support 1 Skunk
Filmer Rotwang

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderSkunk
Mission Size 36 pilots
OriginFort Summer
Light Years8.750
G-Well Activity2.112
Technical Rating3.111