Status: Posi

USB Anger

A small but stalwart destroyer, winner of many dogfight derbies, and crusher of knees. Little know of the secret cargo bay under the moped saddle, which used to say PUCH, but somehow it morphed into FUCH.

Anger is remarkably tough and has a short service record despite crashing into a great many things. Short-legged pilots will find themselves cozy in the cockpit, while lanky-legged ones will wake up on Sunday with bruises on their kneecaps.

USB Anger is one of the Seven Deadly Ships of SCUL.


Light Years1405.529
Thrust Rating6.03
Handling Rating8.19
Difficulty Rating3.85
Max Warp1

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull TypeUnknown BMX
Chief EngineerSkunk
OriginDerelict, Watertown System
Christened on1999.09.03
LocationFort Tyler
Navi Retro
Primary Retro


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