Status: Success



Pilots rounded up to bid farewell to the old fort, cruise around some
constellations and head to the new fort. The odds were against us.
Droid meltdowns, a fire, lack of NavTail radio transmission
capabilities, and the sudden disappearance of chopper groove seemed
foreboding. Pilots rallied together to bring in the funk, get the
fleet together, and the ride was on. In addition to the electrical
issues, it was COLD. Pilots shielded themselves in multiple spacesuit
layers to prepare.
Three maggots joined in for the ride and a floatie (pre-baby maggot
Bendy!) joined in too. We
patrolled the Davis, Harvard, and Central constellations.
BaneThuderwolf had a mechanical on SpookyPirate due to rubbing of his
primary thruster against his hull. A quick adjustment allowed the
fleet to continue on.
We stopped for some grooving and refueling at LunaSevenEleven,
and then headed through the Kendall constellation and to the new fort.
On the way a pilot got his spacesuit caught in his propulsion transfer
conduit, causing a brief separation of the fleet. We regrouped at the
old landing pad and then headed to the new landing pad. A super
stealth route brought us to the new fort and when we reached the the
landing pad, there was a group knighting.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
AceHole Temerity 120.15   Aviator First Class
BaneThunderwolf Spooky Pirate 317.427   Petty Officer Second Class
Diva Incineraider 418.76   Petty Officer First Class
eHawk Devastation 773.358   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Feet Darkendank 182.85   Aviator First Class
hackworth G.I. Jane 0   Pilot
Joyride Stilleto 74.64   Aviator
ld50 Anger 154.826   Aviator First Class
magneato Skylab 775.845   Senior Chief Petty Officer
moose Loki Ducker 190.361   Aviator First Class
Nosepicker MSH2kBH 198.66   Aviator First Class
pecan Swamp Thing 233.441   Petty Officer Third Class
Quandary Annihilation 301.698   Petty Officer Second Class
RoadRash Circus Peanut 173.851   Aviator First Class
SayAgain Famine 107.545   Aviator First Class
Scrawl Purple Heart 0   Pilot
Self Destruct Doctor Love 0   Pilot
Skunk Cloudbuster 759.179   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Snarly Mjollnir 406.581   Petty Officer First Class
Thalo War 164.465   Aviator First Class
Threespeed Iron Butterfly 104.829   Aviator First Class
Trogdor Delirium 193.311   Aviator First Class
TurboPickle Chastity 185.586   Aviator First Class
UglySac $2 Drafts! 104.635   Aviator First Class
vomit Jan Brady 352.117   Petty Officer Second Class
WalTor Singularity 286.209   Petty Officer Third Class
ZombiePhD Curb Burner 433.424   Petty Officer First Class
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Skunk
Deck Officer eHawk
Gate Attendant pecan
MRC Officer Skunk
Navigator WalTor
Tailgunner Diva
Tool Bag magneato
Flat Bag Self Destruct
Medi Bag hackworth
Ambassador Scrawl
Chalk Bag Feet
Still Cam vomit
Recycler TurboPickle
Damage Control Quandary
Mission Reporter Diva
Beer Mule Snarly
Compressor Wrangler SayAgain
Print Jockey vomit
Sentry BaneThunderwolf
Skynet Operator Pre eHawk
Stillcam Downloader vomit

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderSkunk
Mission Size 27 pilots
OriginFort Summer
DestinationFort Bartlett
Light Years9.800
G-Well Activity2.013
Technical Rating2.417