Status: Posi

MMC Swamp Thing

Once upon a time a strange man came up to Monkeyboy with a BMX and asked him "hay, do you want this bike? I dragged it out of a swamp." The answer is obvious.

This ship can lay some pretty serious patches and is a tough ship in derby. It's orange outer plasma casing gives it a sharp look


Light Years1959.157
Thrust Rating3.881
Handling Rating8.883
Difficulty Rating6.042
Max Warp1

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull Type
Chief EngineerMonkeyboy
Christened on2001.05.26
LocationFort Antwerp
Navi Retro
Primary Retro


2024.07.06   Belated Punchy Day Cosima
2024.06.29   The Flamboyance! Kilo3
2024.06.15   Infrastructure Appreciation Night Kilo3
2024.06.01   SCUL Day Episode '24 Kilo3
2024.05.11   Reverse Art Heist Kilo3
2024.05.04   May The Forks Be With You, And I'm All Outta Sp... Kilo3
2024.04.20   Oh Dam, A Dam Kilo3
2024.04.06   Alpha-Mission D1S29 Kilo3
2023.11.04   Life Day: Omegamission '23 Kilo3
2023.10.28   Hallowheels '23 Kilo3
2023.10.08   Honk-a-doodle-doo Kilo3
2023.10.07   Scrub-a-honk-honk Kilo3
2023.09.16   Left Turns are for Lawyers Kilo3
2023.07.08   Ameri-can-Yeah! Kilo3
2023.07.01   Myspace Your TikTok Kilo3
2023.06.17   Spiral Bound Kilo3
2023.06.10   Niteowl Kilo3
2023.05.21   FroYo SUNDAE Sunday sundae Truck Stop
2023.04.15   (r)Ode to the Barnacle Tango
2022.09.03   Uchill on the Uwormhole without Uhaul Tango
2021.06.26   Park Rangers Habit
2021.04.10   Semi-official Beta Spectacular Leotard
2021.04.03   Red Shirt Panic Leotard
2019.10.05   Skunk Day 50 cosmo
2019.07.20   Scul! The Boot Camp TUFF N TINY
2019.05.18   Eat The Cricket Fart Noises
2019.05.11   Tribblespottin' Fart Noises
2019.04.27   Pullin' G's Wombat
2018.10.20   Action Stations Kongzilla
2018.10.06   Skunk Day: Episode 500 - A New Hope Bendy
2018.07.21   Thunderclaws Is Coming To Town TUFF N TINY
2018.06.09   Confusion Reigns Slide
2018.05.05   A.R.T.S.O.S. Pipsqueak
2017.09.30   Big Dipper Bendy
2017.08.19   Unbirthday: A Mad Tea Party Kongzilla
2017.07.15   Christmas In July Wombat
2016.10.29   Hallowheel sooogoood Amethyst
2016.04.23   White Hole Everest
2015.04.18   Cloaked in Cardboard Zenith
2014.11.08   Overtime: Omegamission '14 Dare
2014.09.06   Radiation Worship Bendy
2014.05.03   Safety Dance Seven Of Nine
2014.04.05   Alphonsemission '14 Seven Of Nine
2013.09.21   Night of the Flying Maggots Baby Dolphin
2013.09.14   Funky Mummy Wombat
2013.08.17   Buzz Kill Saphron
2013.07.27   SCULimpics 2013 Instigator
2013.06.22   Super Mooning: The Revenge Frenchy
2013.04.27   Hot Potato Bloodbath
2013.04.20   Defusion Shakes
2012.09.01   Night of the Living U-Hauls Bendy
2012.08.18   Flight of the Bumblebee kahuna
2012.07.21   Orange You Glad It's Pecan Day? vomit
2012.07.07   Castle Jam-booor-eeee Locust
2012.05.26   I Don't Want To Grow Up Wombat
2012.05.19   Disco Diva Dance Party Seven Of Nine
2012.05.12   Word To Your Mother! Seven Of Nine
2012.05.05   Super Mooning Spark
2012.04.28   Voyage to Arkham vomit
2011.10.29   I'm Dreaming of a White Hallowheels Leotard
2011.10.15   Gag Me With A Raspberry Beret Seven Of Nine
2011.09.17   Weird Bumps Seven Of Nine
2011.08.20   8-bit Seal Cruft Seven Of Nine
2011.08.13   Tyler Perry Presents Mary Tyler Moore In 'Fort ... Seven Of Nine
2011.08.06   Princess 5: Hapto's Last Stand (for now) Seven Of Nine
2011.07.23   Gong Swimmin' Seven Of Nine
2011.04.30   Let Them Eat Cake DreadFlint
2010.10.23   Shiny Metals Killgore
2010.10.16   Mega Ride metoikos
2010.10.09   Skunk Day Episode 2010 Triumphus
2010.07.31   The Gentille Ladylike Missonette de La Belle Ha... Bendy
2010.04.02   Alpha-haha-mission 2010 Bendy
2009.10.31   Hallowheels 2009 Bendy
2009.10.10   Treasure Hunt II: Electric Boogaloo Bendy
2009.10.03   Show the Admiral a Good Time - Skunk Day 2009 Bendy
2009.06.13   Chicken Little Rides Again! Nosepicker
2009.05.23   Beach 'n' Heat Dozer
2009.05.08   Live Long and Phosphor Socket
2009.04.04   Aplhamission pecan
2008.09.06   The Pilots of Wetzpance (or The S stands for Su... pecan
2008.08.16   Friendly Fire pecan
2008.06.07   SCUL Day 2008 Sniffles
2007.07.28   Hapto Day Scurvy
2007.04.07   ALPHA 007 Fizz
2006.08.06   Design Skwad pecan
2006.07.16   SCULimpics De-Briefing Nixie
2006.07.08   Waltor Day 2006 Nixie
2006.05.20   Crack Day Of Awesome Rubbish
2005.09.17   Rain Rain Go Away AceHole
2005.09.10   Moose Day Celebrated Shakes
2005.08.26   Operation Super Posi Eureka
2005.08.13   No NoWay Day Blipblipbeep
2005.07.23   Megaseth Day Karate
2005.06.04   SCUL Day 2005 Blipblipbeep
2005.05.21   No Plan Roust-A-Bout
2005.04.16   Mega Seth a liscous Appleseed
2005.04.09   Beta Missssion 05 pecan
2005.04.02   Aplamission 05 General Tighten
2004.10.30   Hallowheels 2004 (Omegamission) Blipblipbeep
2004.10.23   Recurse The 'Verse Blipblipbeep
2004.10.16   Jump Start Blipblipbeep
2004.10.09   Skunk Day 04 Blipblipbeep
2004.09.25   Axis of Elvis Blipblipbeep
2004.09.18   Broken Pickle Blipblipbeep
2004.09.11   College Rock Blipblipbeep
2004.09.04   Century Intercept Blipblipbeep
2004.08.28   Picnic Basket (Moose Day) Blipblipbeep
2004.07.31   Tour De Nosepicker Blipblipbeep
2004.07.24   Naked Keg Party Blipblipbeep
2004.07.17   SCULimpics 2004 Bitzer
2004.07.10   Chop-In Theater (Waltor Day) Blipblipbeep
2004.07.03   Poisoning Pigeons In The Park? Blipblipbeep
2004.06.26   FireFlies Blipblipbeep
2004.06.12   Studio 53 Murray
2004.06.05   SCUL Day 2004 (Abandon All Clothes) pecan
2004.05.29   Wherever The Wind Blows Gluteus Maximus
2004.05.15   Opertation Shoulda Turned Left At Albuquerque pecan
2004.04.17   Stop N Chop Oppo
2004.04.10   Beta Ride pecan
2004.04.03   Alphamission 04 pecan
2003.11.01   Hallowheels 03 Gluteus Maximus
2003.10.18   Tour De Ville Gris Bone
2003.10.11   Pump Up The Volume Mother Mayhem
2003.09.27   SCULimpics 2003 Rotwang
2003.09.20   Arbor Mayhem Concarne
2003.09.13   Port Foint Nosepicker
2003.09.06   Breaking Headlines Mother Mayhem
2003.08.16   NoWay Day A-OK Mother Mayhem
2003.08.09   Large Melon Mother Mayhem
2003.06.14   Double Distress Call Flipper
2001.09.01   Down Mechanical Lane Monkeyboy
2001.08.18   SCULimpics 2001 Games Monkeyboy
2001.08.11   Film Noir Monkeyboy
2001.08.04   Pancreatic Cramitore Monkeyboy
2001.07.21   FlamingGlobe Monkeyboy
2001.07.14   Narrow Passage Monkeyboy
2001.06.24   Square Ride Monkeyboy
2001.06.02   Mmmm... Ice Cream Monkeyboy
2001.05.26   The Naughty MIT Policeman Taught Us A New Word Monkeyboy