Status: Success



Mission Objectives

deep radiation therapy
celebrate promotion of Skunk to Fleet Admiral status
make use of sparklers

Mission Summary

Two maggots joined tonight's mission: Frog and Spots. We also had a new ship: ThreeSpeed's EvilSchwinn. Much pomp and circumstance surrounded tonight's mission which included pretty flowers for all those who were promoted, including Skunk to Fleet Admiral. Yay Super Posi! The fleet headed for the treacherous deep space nebulae in a top secret location. Thinking quickly, some pilots removed their space suits and entered the refreshing heavy nebulae in a bizarre ritual called "Skinny-Dipping". Sensors indicate shrinkge! After we realized all of us survived the experience we decided to celebrate by lighting a large percentage of our 175 sparklers. We then left the quiet nook and headed for high five territory while still on fire. We made several orbits around some black holes and then arrived at the Harvard Square constellation where we took in some final high five action before returning to base. Special note goes to the fleet for excellence in flying, with no mechanicals, good response to the "INCOMING!" hail and for having super posi fun. Not to mention outstanding Nav-Tail by WalTor and Diva! Over and Out!
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Appleseed GoJo 354.992   Ensign
Bitzer Spooky Pirate 230.209   Master Chief Petty Officer
Blipblipbeep Swamp Thing 184.688   Captain
Chartreuse Devastation 83.1995   Aviator First Class
Dirt Ez Raider 261.464   Lieutenant
Diva Incineraider 451.362  
Frenchy Pig Champion 4240.82   Admiral
Frog EvilSchwinn 100.763   Aviator First Class
Nameless Vertigo 325.944  
Nosepicker Skylab 335.606   Admiral
PigPen Saint Christopher 876.083   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
RoadRash Circus Peanut 1063.36   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Rotwang Abandon All Hope 297.75  
Samurai Ooh La La 125.755  
Skunk Catastrophe 756.71  
Spots Famine 451.226   Petty Officer First Class
Tarantula Trez Bonz 640.055   Lieutenant Commander
The Church Annihilation 630.275   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Threespeed Schadenfreude 647.389   Admiral
WalTor Singularity 474.979   Vice Admiral
Zappa Pride 711.888   Lieutenant Commander
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Skunk
Navigator WalTor
Tailgunner Diva
Tool Bag Threespeed
Life Support 1 Skunk
Mission Debriefer PigPen
Mission Reporter Skunk
Filmer Spots

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderSkunk
Mission Size 21 pilots
OriginFort Summer
DestinationFire and Water
Light Years12.410
G-Well Activity2.416
Technical Rating1.739