Status: Posi

USB Ooh La La

USB Ooh La La is an ancient ship - second oldest to old ironsides Abandon All Hope. This humble vessel gets around. It was east to make - put a rigid mountain bike fork on a little Schwinn and BAM - it's a chopper! But make no mistake, USB Ooh La La is not a ship to be trifled with, particularly in derby. One setback, if you decide to thrust and turn, make sure you synchronize boost and bank, or your pedal will hit the pavement hard enough to loosen your fillings.

Theme song: La Valse De L'Amour by Edith Piaf (picked by Vesper)


Light Years1674.328
Thrust Rating6.17
Handling Rating9.91
Difficulty Rating3.64
Max Warp1

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull TypeShwinnilium
Chief EngineerSkunk
Christened on1996.06.17
LocationFort Tyler
Navi RetroNone
Primary RetroCoaster


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