Pilot Date2004.10.09
Total Light Years1,105.83

Born the child of a Hollywood starlet and a
mountain man, she made her way to SCUL through the wild land of cheap beer. She looks forward to many a hot polka at the fort - on level 0, of course.

She has returned to the land of beer. So if you visit the third coast, come find her.


Mission Leader7
Deck Officer3
MRC Officer3
Tool Bag23
Flat Bag2
Medi Bag1
Chalk Bag2
Still Cam1
Damage Control1
Mission Debriefer4
Mission Reporter9
Maggot Filterer2
Skynet Operator Pre3
Stillcam Downloader1


MRC Basic
Fort Maintenance


Hosted ByMother Mayhem
Pilot Date2004.10.09

Pilots Hosted: 10

Service Record

Date Div Mission Ship
2015.06.06 MAD Hey Nineteen: SCUL Day 2015 Ez Raider
2015.05.23 MAD Photon Overdrive Ez Raider
2014.10.04 MAD Skunk Day '14: Spring Forward, Fall Back Civilian Ship
2013.10.26 MAD Bike-O-Ween Basquiat
2013.10.19 MAD Pen-Penultimate Mission Civilian Ship
2012.05.26 MAD I Don't Want To Grow Up Basquiat
2011.08.06 MAD Princess 5: Hapto's Last Stand (for now) Angry Candy
2011.04.02 MAD Alphamission Episode 2011 Angry Candy
2010.07.31 MAD The Gentille Ladylike Missonette de La Belle Ha... Basquiat
2010.04.24 MAD Toolz Basquiat
2010.04.02 MAD Alpha-haha-mission 2010 Basquiat
2009.08.01 MAD Defend The Kingdom! (Hapto Day 09) Basquiat
2009.07.25 MAD Soggy Bottom Basquiat
2009.07.18 MAD Peeecamatic: Pechanical Basquiat
2009.07.11 MAD Curse of the Crone Basquiat
2009.06.13 MAD Chicken Little Rides Again! Basquiat
2008.11.01 MAD Hallowheels 2008 Angry Candy
2008.10.18 MAD Downtown D.B. Cooper
2008.10.11 MAD Ba-Honk-a-donk in tha Trunk D.B. Cooper
2008.09.13 MAD Mony Mony (ride ChromePony) Basquiat
2008.09.06 MAD The Pilots of Wetzpance (or The S stands for Su... Ooh La La
2008.08.27 MAD SCULimpics and Petrified Fish Poop Angry Candy
2008.07.26 MAD It's Hard to Be a Princess Basquiat
2008.07.19 MAD So Hot My Mission Name Melted Basquiat
2008.07.12 MAD Balls in Spaaaaaaace Basquiat
2008.06.07 MAD SCUL Day 2008 Basquiat
2008.05.24 MAD Space Truckin' Angry Candy
2008.05.17 MAD Bicycle Boogie Basquiat
2008.05.10 MAD Mixtape Basquiat
2008.04.12 MAD Get Everyone Lathed Basquiat
2008.04.05 MAD AlphaMissle 08 Angry Candy
2007.12.31 MAD Points We Hardly Knew Ye Basquiat
2007.10.06 MAD Skunk Day Honkfest Angry Candy
2007.09.22 MAD Back in the Saddle Again Basquiat
2007.08.10 MAD All Night Long Doot Doo: Century 2007 Basquiat
2007.06.23 MAD Fresh (Pond) Air Basquiat
2007.06.11 MAD Anarchy Day Basquiat
2007.06.02 MAD SCUL Day 2007 Basquiat
2007.05.26 MAD Rotwang Day Basquiat
2007.05.19 MAD Revolution At The Disko Basquiat
2007.05.12 MAD Bring Your Own Fun Basquiat
2007.04.28 MAD Ollie Ollie Oxen Free Basquiat
2007.04.21 MAD OMG BBQ Crispy Ravers Basquiat
2007.04.21 MAD Down By The Old Mill Stream... Basquiat
2007.04.07 MAD ALPHA 007 EvilSchwinn
2006.10.14 MAD 80's Ride Part Deux (Megaseth Day) EvilSchwinn
2006.10.07 MAD Skunk Day 2006 - Scorpion Bowl Agenda Basquiat
2006.09.30 MAD Bovine Bonanza Basquiat
2006.09.16 MAD Big Trouble In Little China Ez Raider
2006.09.09 MAD Homecoming Queen Ez Raider
2006.07.29 MAD Subconscious Party Basquiat
2006.07.22 MAD Midnight Leopard Death Squad 2006 Basquiat
2006.07.16 MAD SCULimpics De-Briefing Basquiat
2006.07.08 MAD Waltor Day 2006 Basquiat
2006.06.24 MAD June Oh Ween Basquiat
2006.06.17 MAD Vomit Day2006 Basquiat
2006.06.10 MAD Rumble In Somerville Basquiat
2006.06.03 MAD SCUL Day 2006 Anarchy
2006.05.27 MAD Keep On Truckin (Rotwang Day) Basquiat
2006.05.20 MAD Crack Day Of Awesome Basquiat
2006.05.06 MAD Alphamission 06 Basquiat
2005.10.30 MAD Hallowheels05 Basquiat
2005.10.08 MAD Skunk Day 05 Anarchy
2005.10.01 MAD OctoberTest EvilSchwinn
2005.07.31 MAD Nameless Day 05 Anarchy
2005.07.16 MAD Post SCULimpics Durty Basturd
2005.06.25 MAD LowKey EvilSchwinn
2005.06.18 MAD DiscoInferno (VomitDay 2005) Sloth
2005.06.11 MAD Hot and Moist Devastation
2005.06.04 MAD SCUL Day 2005 Devastation
2005.05.14 MAD Stoodio53 Annihilation
2005.04.23 MAD Radiation Overload Devastation
2005.04.02 MAD Aplamission 05 Sloth
2004.10.30 MAD Hallowheels 2004 (Omegamission) Civilian Ship
2004.10.23 MAD Recurse The 'Verse Lust
2004.10.09 MAD Skunk Day 04 Ez Raider
Iron Cog