Status: Success


Ba-Honk-a-donk in tha Trunk

Mission Objectives

*ride to marching band music
*practice parade formation and other formations

Mission Summary

I think there will be big band musics.

oh, yeah, and it was awesome...
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Buckminister Annihilation 290.391  
dillweed Sloth 68.8466  
Dr HeadCrash Compliance 442.128  
eHawk Devastation 316.619  
Evil Twin Spooky Pirate 281.229   Commander
Hapto D.B. Cooper 315.568  
Leotard Summer 348.255  
magneato Star Hustler 263.905  
MegaSeth Sinistar 193.155   Petty Officer Third Class
moose Loki Ducker 297.589   Admiral, Fleet Ready
MsMoon Star Hustler (Bombardier) 99.8377  
Nosepicker MSH2kBH 259.84  
peacefrog Doctor Love 0   Pilot
pecan Civilian Ship 31.29   Admiral
pywaket Ivory Tower 406.635  
Quandary Abandon All Hope 270.832   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Skunk Cloudbuster 1077.92  
Socket Darkendank 0  
steerpike Pride 247.67   Chief Petty Officer
Threespeed Schadenfreude 139.313  
TurboPickle Delirium 0   Pilot
vomit Jan Brady 211.104  
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Skunk
Deck Officer Hapto
Gate Attendant Skunk
MRC Officer Skunk
Navigator Dr HeadCrash
Tailgunner eHawk
Tool Bag pywaket
Flat Bag TurboPickle
Medi Bag Leotard
Ambassador Hapto
Chalk Bag peacefrog
Airlock magneato
Life Support 1 Leotard
Life Support 2 Skunk
Damage Control steerpike
Minister of Zoobs Evil Twin
Compressor Wrangler Threespeed
Paper Wrangler Skunk
Print Jockey Skunk
Radio Wrangler Evil Twin
Sentry eHawk

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderSkunk
Mission Size 22 pilots
OriginFort Summer
DestinationBig Band
Light Years12.800
G-Well Activity2.110
Technical Rating3.580