Status: Success


The Gentille Ladylike Missonette de La Belle Hapteau in Space

This mission's technical difficulty rating belies Hapto's navimagational
style. Seriously, hold on to your space-pants and throw open the
throttle - wahoo!

Food barely knew what hit them (overhead, in several variations: OH. MY.
GOD!) and STs never materialized to spike the funk.

We had dancing in the streets, sparklers over a rolling - maybe, hard to
see at night - vista, and racing around a space-track. /Other stuff too/

There was a wormhole around an aqueous nebula, surrounded by poison ivy
that which didn't seem to faze Nosepicker, who charged it several times
victoriously, if you count victory as never giving up.

And RexHazard hucked his tallbike made of pipe over a fence... and
I'll bet he doesn't even know how badass that is...

And princesses. Lots of 'em, power to 'em.

Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Axeman Swayze Express 542.895   Commodore
Bendy Swamp Thing 735.322   Admiral
Bird Civilian Ship 48.579   Pilot
Buckminister Immaculate Taco 712.642   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Concarne Energy 599.6   Chief Petty Officer
DeathTrap Easy Like Sunday Morning 997.149   Master Chief Petty Officer
Frenchy Spooky Pirate 593.607   Chief Petty Officer
hackworth Pestilence 979.703  
Hapto Basquiat 1279.88   Lieutenant Commander
Kpafun Rambostiltskin 292.895  
Leotard Lazarus 772.96   Commander
ltrain Yer Mom 617.895   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Monkeyboy Anarchy 93.19   Aviator
MsMoon Star Hustler (Bombardier) 492.372   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Nosepicker G.I. Jane 105.652  
pecan Circus Peanut 240.783   Petty Officer Third Class
Phooka Holly Go Go Lightly 290.512   Petty Officer Third Class
Plasmonster Mad Rabbit 1144.25   Commodore
Poutine Ooh La La 509.973   Chief Petty Officer
Resonator Ez Raider 187.688   Aviator First Class
Rex Hazard Pioneer 364.126   Petty Officer Second Class
Self Destruct Delirium 637.486   Vice Admiral
Shakes Pride 708.551   Ensign
Slaphappy Annihilation 749.728   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Threespeed Star Hustler 565.048   Admiral
Treekiller chlorophyll 403.573   Admiral
yt Secret Asian SCULly 932.507  
Pilots must be logged in to see the briefing.
Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Hapto
Deck Officer Hapto
Navigator Hapto
Tailgunner DeathTrap
Com-Sat 1 hackworth
Tool Bag Slaphappy
Flat Bag Resonator
Medi Bag Bendy
Wookiee Bag ltrain
Ambassador DeathTrap
Chalk Bag pecan
Still Cam Plasmonster
Airlock Shakes
Life Support 1 Leotard
Damage Control Poutine
Minister of Zoobs hackworth
Mission Debriefer Hapto
Mission Reporter Hapto
Beer Wrangler Treekiller
Filmer Plasmonster
Food Wrangler Kpafun
Promoter Hapto
Radio Wrangler Threespeed
Skynet Operator Pre yt
Stillcam Downloader Plasmonster

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderHapto
Mission Size 27 pilots
OriginFort Bartlett
DestinationSparkly, glorious, oh-so-fashionable doom
Light Years19.630
G-Well Activity4.339
Technical Rating4.980