Status: Posi

BVD Yer Mom

This ship is in memory of a pair of interpreting pants that sacrificed their career for the completion of a dream. Nameless provided the hull to prevent yer mom from being built out of a rockhopper. Thanks Nameless! I like riding Yer Mom. Threespeed helped me weld it… he rocks! Thanks 3spd. I like riding Yer Mom. The pink fork was found in the basement of Fort Summer with PigPen's name on it… another chopper with some pigpen love... thanks PigPen. I like riding Yer Mom.

Theme song: Bridge by Amon Tobin (picked by LTrain)


Light Years2722.946
Thrust Rating5.004
Handling Rating4.991
Difficulty Rating5.011
Max Warp1

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull TypeSchwinn Hollywood
Chief EngineerCaptain Underpants
BuilderCaptain Underpants
Christened on2005.09.17
LocationFort Tyler
Navi Retro
Primary RetroCoaster


2024.06.01   SCUL Day Episode '24 Tango
2024.04.06   Alpha-Mission D1S29 DrClaw
2023.10.21   Soggy Serenity Cosima
2023.10.14   The Pumpkin Spice Must Flow Finger Cheez
2023.10.07   Scrub-a-honk-honk Punchy
2023.07.01   Myspace Your TikTok Scubado
2023.04.08   Follow the Sun, Into the Night Wombat
2023.04.01   Fools' Folly Flights: Alphamission '23 Cosima
2022.10.29   Hallowheels 2022 p funk
2021.06.05   We've Got It All Wombat
2019.07.27   Reindeer Games NOVA
2019.04.06   Appalachiamission '19 Octopus
2018.10.07   A HONKing Good Time Boost
2018.10.06   Skunk Day: Episode 500 - A New Hope Boost
2018.09.01   Divinity Cat Moved Us To The Moon Leotard
2018.08.18   Chalk-Full-O'Funk Shadowcat
2018.08.11   Lazer Mizzzion Antlers
2018.06.30   Hot Night Squirt Gun Fight! Epsilon
2018.06.09   Confusion Reigns Antlers
2018.04.28   ABC It's as Easy as Objectives 1 2 3 Boost
2018.04.07   Alohamission 2018 Johnny Five
2017.11.04   Life Day 2017 Shepherd
2017.10.21   Day-Cordova Tanager
2017.09.22   Return To Lawl Antlers
2017.08.19   Unbirthday: A Mad Tea Party Bacchus
2017.05.13   Let's Be Evil Threespeed
2017.04.22   Creampuff Sidekick
2017.04.15   Egg-zaduration Sidekick
2017.04.08   Z Axis Sidekick
2016.11.05   Life Day 2016 Sidekick
2016.10.29   Hallowheel sooogoood Sidekick
2016.09.30   Voulez Vous Woohoo Part Deux DreadFlint
2016.08.20   Ghost Train Sidekick
2016.07.23   Castles In The Sand Sidekick
2016.06.25   Lickety Splat Leotard
2016.06.04   Twentieth Anniversary Fox Lordmcfuzz
2016.05.07   Yer Mom Is So Chopped Lordmcfuzz
2016.04.02   Alfrescomission '16 Sidekick
2015.10.24   Back to the Castle Beetle Juice
2015.10.17   Warm Fuzzies Epoxy
2015.09.05   'Real' Chopper Gang Milkrun Sidekick
2015.08.08   Take 'er Easy Bacchus
2015.07.18   Hot Shot Epoxy
2015.07.11   Rat Pack Sidekick
2015.06.27   Yellow SCULmarine Epoxy
2015.06.06   Hey Nineteen: SCUL Day 2015 Lil Wheel
2015.05.30   StarBuck Rojerthat Sidekick
2015.05.09   Honking Brass Band, Hidden Rhino Lil Wheel
2015.05.02   String Theory Squeegee
2015.04.18   Cloaked in Cardboard Sidekick
2015.04.11   Ellipsoidal Oviform Search and Rescue Sidekick
2014.11.08   Overtime: Omegamission '14 Threespeed
2014.10.25   Winter? SCULimpics '14 Sidekick
2014.10.18   Steam Release Sidekick
2014.10.04   Skunk Day '14: Spring Forward, Fall Back Sidekick
2014.08.23   Aquaprincess Wombat
2014.08.16   Let's Get Physical Sidekick
2014.08.02   Leave It To Chance Sidekick
2014.07.19   Ghost Ship Sidekick
2014.07.12   Into The Grid Sidekick
2014.05.31   All Aboard the SCUL Express! Epoxy
2014.05.24   Hobo Party Unyawns
2014.05.15   Smiling in Salem Epoxy
2014.05.03   Safety Dance Epoxy
2014.04.26   Smooth Sailing Sprocket
2014.04.12   Macular Assault RustyHog
2014.04.05   Alphonsemission '14 BaneThunderwolf
2013.11.02   Omegamission 2013 BaneThunderwolf
2013.10.26   Bike-O-Ween Epoxy
2013.10.19   Pen-Penultimate Mission Threespeed
2013.08.31   Sea Fortress Recon Bleeder
2013.08.24   15 Minutes to Fabulous Bleeder
2013.07.06   O Bridge, Where Art Thou? Iscariot
2013.06.08   Sea or Sugar Spark
2013.05.25   Double Trouble DrClaw
2013.05.18   Raise A Flag Epoxy
2013.05.11   Shake Your Bones Epoxy
2012.10.27   Hallowheels 2012 Smooth
2012.10.13   Century 2012 hackworth
2012.09.22   Where Is Wombat? magneato
2012.09.15   Project MUM Smooth
2012.09.08   Spokesfest Civilian Escort Klobb
2012.08.25   For Tinman Wombat
2012.08.18   Flight of the Bumblebee ltrain
2012.08.11   Shabadoonicorn kahuna
2012.06.16   Where My Party At? Piranha
2012.05.26   I Don't Want To Grow Up Treekiller
2012.05.12   Word To Your Mother! DreadFlint
2012.05.05   Super Mooning Piranha
2012.04.28   Voyage to Arkham Piranha
2012.04.21   Tea and Grackle Piranha
2012.04.14   Saturn in Opposition Nosepicker
2012.04.07   Cranktabulous Alphamission! Instigator
2011.10.15   Gag Me With A Raspberry Beret bitwise
2011.10.02   HONK! Parade Spark
2011.10.01   Medley Mission Slap And Tickle
2011.09.24   Longrange Badass Rendezvous Spark
2011.08.27   Hurricane Shmurricane Threespeed
2011.08.13   Tyler Perry Presents Mary Tyler Moore In 'Fort ... Ichirinsya
2011.08.06   Princess 5: Hapto's Last Stand (for now) Poutine
2011.07.30   Fashion Show Killabetes
2011.05.14   Cold Fusion Reactor Seven Of Nine
2011.05.07   Donatello Anybody Van Der Goes To Make A Messina Plasmonster
2011.04.30   Let Them Eat Cake ltrain
2011.04.23   Shelter From The Storm hackworth
2011.04.09   Repo Men Spark
2011.04.02   Alphamission Episode 2011 Civitron
2010.10.09   Skunk Day Episode 2010 ltrain
2010.10.02   War of 100 Light Years Bendy
2010.09.18   SCULimpics Night Games Resonator
2010.08.14   Farmworth: Intergalactic! ltrain
2010.07.31   The Gentille Ladylike Missonette de La Belle Ha... ltrain
2010.07.24   Orchestral Maneuvers in Space ltrain
2010.07.03   Exquisite Corpsicle ltrain
2010.05.22   Secret Places ltrain
2010.04.24   Toolz Bendy
2009.09.26   Snobs 'N' Wigs Bendy
2009.09.12   Puddle Jumpers Plasmonster
2009.06.13   Chicken Little Rides Again! eHawk
2008.11.01   Hallowheels 2008 Nameless
2008.10.25   Radiation Schmadiation Nameless
2008.10.18   Downtown TurboPickle
2008.08.02   Lost Boys Thalo
2008.07.26   It's Hard to Be a Princess ltrain
2008.07.19   So Hot My Mission Name Melted Nameless
2008.05.17   Bicycle Boogie Captain Underpants
2007.08.04   Radiation Treatment Secret Chief
2007.06.23   Fresh (Pond) Air Secret Chief
2007.06.02   SCUL Day 2007 Nosepicker
2007.05.19   Why Does It Always Radiate On My Parade? Captain Underpants
2007.05.12   Bring Your Own Fun Secret Chief
2006.10.07   Skunk Day 2006 - Scorpion Bowl Agenda Captain Underpants
2006.08.05   Swing Set (Diva Day) Captain Underpants
2006.07.29   Subconscious Party Captain Underpants
2006.06.24   June Oh Ween Captain Underpants
2006.05.27   Keep On Truckin (Rotwang Day) Captain Underpants
2006.05.06   Alphamission 06 Captain Underpants
2005.10.22   Penultimate Radiation Conundrum Captain Underpants
2005.10.15   Radiation Scattering Captain Underpants
2005.09.17   Rain Rain Go Away Captain Underpants