Status: Success


Poisoning Pigeons In The Park?

Mission Objectives

head to quiet place
make use of playground
light up some sparklers

Mission Summary

After some donuts through the Union Constellation and the Davis Constellation, we loaded up on molecules and provisions at the Luna White Hen Pantry, and then headed down a wormhole, where our Nameless navigated us to a quiet park. We snacked on cheese food and wine molecules from caterer Frenchy (PICNIC!!!), set off atomic super-posi firefly ninja weapons, swung on swings, and otherwise did super secret posi things. Several pilots removed space suits. One pilot went to put space junk in the proper receptacle, and was hassled by a civilian who asked, "What are you doing to my trash can?" Thinking quickly, the pilot answered, "Throwing stuff away." Many bad jokes were told.
And it was posi.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Appleseed Spooky Pirate 294.444   Lieutenant Junior Grade
Bird Doctor Love 279.783   Master Chief Petty Officer
Blipblipbeep Swamp Thing 331.984  
Concarne Annihilation 623.127   Commander
Frenchy Circus Peanut 1351.92  
Nameless Vertigo 720.604   Admiral, Fleet Ready
Natas Famine 230.732   Captain
Onath Durty Basturd 353.988   Commodore
Oppo Mjollnir 383.968  
Phooka Trez Bonz 307.077  
RoadRash Ooh La La 455.269  
Samurai PlateOShrimp 174.602  
Scurvy Anger 212.418   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Shakes Pride 1199.41   Commodore
Slug Galaxy 275.552   Petty Officer Third Class
Snarly Abandon All Hope 418.316  
Sweetums Devastation 169.598   Aviator First Class
Threespeed EvilSchwinn 486.69  
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Concarne
Navigator Nameless
Tailgunner Threespeed
Tool Bag Shakes
Still Cam Threespeed
Filmer Frenchy

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderConcarne
Mission Size 18 pilots
OriginFort Summer
Light Years16.002
G-Well Activity1.450
Technical Rating2.456