Status: Success


Night of the Living U-Hauls

The return of Civitron. And Bendy. And Sprocket. And Beezwax.
Wo! Drunken food knocked Baaaane Thuuunderwoooolf off his ship. Then
there was Baaane Thuuunderflaaat.

A small and motley crew set out with Dr. Claw at the helm, who had
taken his map viewing very seriously. Lucky 13 we were and this was
marked by an irate storm trooper pulling up in his transport as we
launched. As we continued our launch in silence, a brave civilian
shouted our praises from the window of her apartment.

The Davis system treated us well enough, and in Cambridge Common we
were greeted by Kpafun. The new students of Harvard were in awe of
our glory as we stopped to partake of frozen milk product. Civitron's
sticker bag was a flutter of positive public relations, while Skunk
and Dr. Claw worked on Cloudbuster's subsonic disruptor.

All was well until we headed to the North Point Park play-system,
where some rough — and likely imbibing — Food shouted
instigatory phrases at our way of life, and proceeded to push
Cloudbuster and obstruct Skylab's path. Both pilots were forced to
eject for the safety of the mission. Other more well-mannered
civilians promised to enact justice for us if the Food returned.

Metoikos brought out the chalk, and derbying commenced in the
beautiful park under the bridge nearby, wherein Excess got a flat
aboard Lust. With Nosepicker nowhere to be found this night, Wombat
capitalized and managed to eke out his fifth derby win of the season,
thus securing the elusive Flying Ace award. Vomit and Excess got to
work on Lust's flat, and Sprocket pitched in to learn a thing or two
with the help of Wombat. Grapefruit and nectarines were shared by
Beezwax, passed around with the help of Dogi, and consumed with much
rejoicing. Om nom.

Rounding back to the MIT system, Skylab required much busy flat
bagging. Most pilots busied themselves exploring the capabilities of
each others' ships, but a few pilots, whose names will not be
mentioned so as to protect their honor, were apparently OBE and took
this time to nap upon the luxurious concrete of the Student Center.

Dr. Claw led us onward to chase bunnies through MIT space to the
Kendall system, and circled us safely back to fort Tyler. Then we
were attacked by giant spiders who had set upon the fort due to the
earlier inadvertent destruction of their home planet. We let them
know we came in peace and would not harm them. Thankfully they agreed
to leave our kind alone. For now.

Pilot Ship Points Promotion
BaneThunderwolf Skylab 493.888   Admiral
beezwax Yodel 400.601   Ensign
Bendy Swamp Thing 286.31   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Civitron Annihilation 540.467   Commodore
dogi Mad Rabbit 0  
DrClaw Delirium 470.571  
eXceSs Chutes & Ladders 318.688  
Leotard Lazarus 407.541  
metoikos Mjollnir 422.141   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Skunk Cloudbuster 1074.9  
Sprocket Lust 302.675   Chief Petty Officer
vomit Famine 601.32  
Wombat Doctor Love 483.111  
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Skunk
Deck Officer metoikos
Gate Attendant dogi
MRC Officer Skunk
Navigator DrClaw
Tailgunner Wombat
Com-Sat 1 vomit
Tool Bag BaneThunderwolf
Flat Bag BaneThunderwolf
Medi Bag Bendy
Wookiee Bag Leotard
Ambassador Civitron
Chalk Bag metoikos
Still Cam vomit
Airlock Sprocket
Life Support 1 Leotard
Damage Control eXceSs
Mission Reporter Sprocket
Cleaner beezwax
Food Wrangler metoikos

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderSkunk
Mission Size 13 pilots
OriginFort Tyler
DestinationThe autumnal feast of Eris
Light Years15.371
G-Well Activity1.133
Technical Rating2.359