Status: Success


SCULimpics 2004

Mission Objectives

-convene at Fort summer and transport all events material by ship
-be mindful of spectators
-go for glory
-get some recruits by chatting things up with art folks
-share the workload by hosting an event

Mission Summary

This year sculimpics was held at a new arena with considerable civilian contact. We set up in the Davis constellation starting with the LIMBO competition. Scarecrow showed with his own fleet and gang. He set up materials for the first competition from his golf cart trailer and the games were underway. The stature and dexterity of his maggots made them favorites for the gold. Competition was fierce and it was clear that we were going to make sculimpics record history. As the bar lowered, ships became increasingly difficult to manage. In a spectacular takedown, Pywaket took a superman right into the limbo post. The winners were Gold—Ace, Silver—Zappa, and Bronze--Pywaket.

Next up was the doublemint competition, where pilots drag a ship while riding a ship and then switch so that they carry the ship they were riding. Skunk made a valiant attempt of carrying Summer while riding Gee. The winners included Muon for gold, Moose with Silver and Pywaket with bronze.

Standard issue 20" pyramid plasma casings made for a tough pump competition. Adding insult was that after a ferocious start, Moose's plasma casing blew a leak during the competition. The winners were bronze--Pywaket. Silver went to Onath and breaking a new world record with the gold was Maddog who pumped in 31.63 sec.

Much heckling took place during this year's donut competition. ConCarne was laughing so hard she needed to withdraw from the competition with a record time of over 3 minutes. Some rather amazing (and mildly disturbing) times were reached. Despite this, no one puked. The winners were Threespeed won bronze, Phooka got silver, and Tarantula got gold with 31.91 sec consumption.

The Ghost kick followed. In some cases the beat up lawn ornament became dangerously close to the civilian spectators. Not heeding the advice to back away, a four-year-old nearly got hit in the face were it not for a couragous counterkick by PigPen, saving the child (who decided to take four steps back after the incident). Some strong kicks were in the bunch. An injury was suffered by Diva who managed to hit her shin against the pedal axle after hitting the ghost. The winners of this event were Painbunny with bronze, Moose got silver and Muon won gold with a 45"5" kick.

The final official event was the monkey race where pilots must carry a pilot on their ship while riding through a course as fast as possible. A brave attempt was made by Nameless and Pywacket to ride Vertigo, but the ship proved difficult to make tight turns. However, Muon and Scarecrow were able to master tallbike riding in this competition earning a silver medal. The bronze was won by Samurai and Zappa and the gold went to Onath and Ace.

After the main events, we still had considerable time left, so we completed a dizzying SCUL100 competition and a few derbies. The fleet then celebrated the day at Luna Redbones
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Bitzer Swamp Thing 43.6415  
Diva Toxic Waste 960.83  
moose Loki Ducker 271.24  
Muon Abandon All Hope 68.4155  
Nosepicker G.I. Jane 17.3494  
PainBunny Doctor Love 78.4621  
pecan Sugardaddy 22.3196  
Phooka Summer 1194.76   Vice Admiral
PigPen Saint Christopher 458.883  
RoadRash Circus Peanut 35.769  
Skunk Catastrophe 660.09  
Sweetums Pig Champion 43.6781   Master Chief Petty Officer
Tarantula Annihilation 121.113  
Threespeed EvilSchwinn 19.5242  
Zappa Skylab 55.5334   Commander
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Diva
Deck Officer Skunk
Navigator Skunk
Tailgunner PainBunny
Tool Bag Phooka
Life Support 1 Skunk
Mission Debriefer PigPen
Mission Reporter Diva

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderDiva
Mission Size 15 pilots
OriginFort Summer
DestinationDavis Sq.
Light Years3.012
G-Well Activity1.001
Technical Rating1.002