Status: Success


Aurora SCULealis

16 Pilots showed up for the mission including one baby maggot and
several veteran pilots. We decided to venture to the dark side...of
our star system. Word was that our day star had sent some massive
flares and there was a chance we would see the northern lights.
Despite the fact that it was nighttime, it was hot like a day mission.
And with a mechanical on the launch pad, we were nervous the flight
would be off to a bad start. We attempted a flight formation to make
sure we were up to our skills, but the V formation looked more like

Despite this rough start we got our bearings and headed
through the Davis constellation towards Luna Alewife where pilots
showed feats of strength in their ability to scramble up vertical
surfaces. It was getting down that was tricky and luckily we did not
have to take out medibag.

Afterwards, Excess led us through a
wormhole through the Arlington system towards the Lexington System.
As we approached Lexington an ST asked that we turn down our sonic
disruptors, but was otherwise easy going. Since we hadn't seen any
glimmer of an aurora on the way, we headed back towards the Belmont
system where Excess knew just the deep space place to go. The way
there had a fair amount of negi g-well but was rewarded with some
g-well just before we arrived. We had a few mechanicals on the way,
but most were handled in-flight. There was a soft glow on the
horizon, but it appeared to be light from our own system. So we
didn't see the northern lights, but we did hear about bears, furry
things, and found out that plushy means like, mad soft. We also
a satellite and Shakes saw a shooting star.

We headed back through the Watertown system with the help of
Treekiller and Nosepicker, putting more pedals to the power on Angry
Candy. We found signs of life and stopped at a fueling
station for snack molecules that were much needed. An ST here was
very friendly, took a
sticker, and offered suggestions of what food molecules we should
partake in. Nosepicker braved a red velvet whoopie pie, but wimped out
after one bite and Piranha ate/pawned it off. Bloody Good!
While we ate, Vomit succeeded in her first HARV experience by
mounting, riding and dismounting RawDeal.

We started to head back through the Watertown System when we heard
dreaded "mechanical!" AngryCandy failed for the last time with a
burst plasma casing. Several pilots worked on the repair while
checked out
the arena of Luna StarMarket. Eventually we got it moving again and
returned to the landing pad with all pilots accounted for plus one
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
beezwax One Night Stand 294.061   Petty Officer Third Class
Diva Toxic Waste 663.975   Lieutenant
dogi Rhinoceros 0   Pilot
DrClaw Lazarus 587.988  
eXceSs Chutes & Ladders 610.011  
Kpafun Ez Raider 173.871   Ensign
Leotard Trinity 476.427   Admiral
Nosepicker Darkendank 206.37  
Piranha Raw Deal 409.55   Commodore
Seven Of Nine Angry Candy 1169.01   Vice Admiral
Shakes D.B. Cooper 289.294   Petty Officer Third Class
Stogie Wadlow 498.212  
Threespeed Schadenfreude 280.786   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Treekiller Doctor Love 800.255   Admiral
vomit Famine 682.493  
Wombat Cloudbuster 496.391  
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Diva
Deck Officer vomit
Gate Attendant Diva
MRC Officer Seven Of Nine
Navigator eXceSs
Tailgunner vomit
Com-Sat 1 Treekiller
Tool Bag Seven Of Nine
Flat Bag Seven Of Nine
Medi Bag DrClaw
Wookiee Bag Kpafun
Ambassador Piranha
Chalk Bag Wombat
Still Cam Stogie
Airlock Shakes
Life Support 1 DrClaw
Damage Control Leotard
Mission Reporter Diva
Cleaner Treekiller

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderDiva
Mission Size 16 pilots
OriginFort Tyler
Destinationin search of the dark side
Light Years22.101
G-Well Activity4.236
Technical Rating2.472