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Peter Pan - Return of the Lost Boys

Wendy(Pastry Queen) set out tonight to find Scul's Lost Boys(Pilots) and she thinks that they are lost in New London. She was armed with Tinker Bell's( the Discobobulator) fairy dust to make sure that any lost boys that were found would still be able to fly.

15 Lost Boys received Wendy's call and signed up for the mission. Even some of the more veteran lost boys showed up, making Wendy's job much easier. Those veterans had some sort of obsession with their Chasity, but that makes sense, as all Lost Boys never want to grow up. Wendy may have sprinkled some extra fairy dust on them before hand so they would still remember to fly after such a long time.

A Lost Boy that went by the name of Threespeed helped Wendy coordinate the other Lost Boys on the launch pad with his fancy Cue Cards. Wendy gave some wise warnings to the ready Lost Boys that were derived from her stories(Mission Reports) she told them to in the past. This made one Pirate(a transformed Lost Boy) by the name of BaneThunderwolf sigh in relief as he was put in charge of Tinker Bell's ship(Cloudbuster) tonight and it was his first time. She also said stated the time limit that Wendy and the Lost Boys had to complete their mission which some Lost Boys cheer at and others groaned. Generally Lost Boys do not like bed times. Wendy gave the word and instructed the Lost Boy by the name of Dr. Claw to lead the rest of the Lost Boys to the locations where she thinks the lost Lost Boys would be found.

As the Lost Boy's flew through New Cambridge poking fun(High fives) and crushing random things(Cups) a Lost Boy by the name of Lordmcfuzz got worried. His fairy dust was running out and he was starting to grow up(burning up). He called for an emergency nap(mechanical) and seeked the guidance of the story teller Wendy. She agreed, he was starting to grow up and her fairy dust was not enough for his ship Money Penny. But Wendy came up with a solution! A Lost Boy named Excess was super prepared and had an extra ship with him tonight, and she thought that the smaller ship would allow Lordmcfuzz to not grow up. The other Lost Boy's tied up(anchored) Money Penny and everyone got ready to fly again. During this emergency nap time, a lost Lost Boy found them! He was a friend of a Lost Boy named Dust and was even flying his ship Bronco!

BaneThunderwolf with his eyepatch, hook, and spyglass, spotted a pirate ship! He told Wendy and she said we must board it and see if any Lost Boy's were captured on it. So the Lost Boys did just that. They found many things on that pirate ship that pointed to the lost Lost Boys but none were found. Wendy decided that they must have escaped and went to the edge of New London!

Dr. Claw led the Lost Boys through Harvard hamlet(constellation) where Lordmcfuzz was having a bunch of fun on his new ship that was allowing him to not grow up. BaneThunderwolf was not worried anymore on Cloudbuster, and the rest of the Lost Boys were hooting and hollering in a grand old time.

The Lost Boys finally found the skate park, which is the place Wendy said most lost boys tend to show up at. Excess showed off some skills with the smaller ship while other Lost Boys enjoyed their rest from tonight's play. Wendy found some lost boys but she deemed that they were too old and her fairy dust would not work on them. Wendy instead spread her dust onto her faithful Lost Boys and there was much rejoice. With spirits high, Wendy thought a stroll through New London would be fun. The Lost Boys thought so as long as they can still poke fun and crush random things. Wendy said of course, you are all Lost Boys after all.

After a nice stroll through New London, the Lost Boys started to head back to the fort as Wendy said it was their bed time. BaneThunderwolf lost a random thing mid flight. Lordmcfuzz went back to go look for it and found two random things! So he gave one to BaneThunderworlf and kept the other for himself. Later on he was done with the random thing and fed it to Cloudbuster just before the Lost Boys arrived at the Union hamlet.

When the Lost Boys got arrived at the landing pad, they all lined up for thier good night kiss(mission pin) and final bed time story. Wendy thanked BaneThunderwolf for being brave and looking good. She also thanked Excess for being generous to he fellow Lost Boy. Wendy said goodnight and the Lost Boys went to sleep.

Except for the two bad Lost Boys, Lordmcfuzz and Johnny 5 which took Chrome pony out to retrieve Money Penny, but then they went to sleep like told.

medals given:
- chic to MsMoon, BaneThunderwolf
- patronage to Excess
- strength to BaneThunderwolf
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
BaneThunderwolf Cloudbuster 477.813  
beezwax Annihilation 262.401   Aviator
Catalyst D.B. Cooper 0  
DrClaw Compliance 433.797  
eXceSs Chutes & Ladders 449.791   Vice Admiral
Exon Chastity 234.343   Pilot
Johnny Five Bieber Fever 0  
Lordmcfuzz Moneypenny 702.394  
MsMoon Strangelove (Bombardier) 134.29   Aviator
Osprey Mjollnir 0  
Pastry Queen Princess Fun Police 0  
Possum Pale Horse 714.875   Petty Officer First Class
Rocket 88 603.196   Master Chief Petty Officer
Silfr Hrimfaxi 250.419   Commander
Threespeed Strangelove 397.2  
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Pastry Queen
Deck Officer Possum
Gate Attendant Osprey
MRC Officer Possum
Navigator DrClaw
Tailgunner Rocket
Com-Sat 1 Threespeed
Com-Sat 2 eXceSs
Tool Bag eXceSs
Flat Bag Threespeed
Medi Bag beezwax
Wookiee Bag BaneThunderwolf
Ambassador Silfr
Chalk Bag Osprey
Still Cam Rocket
Airlock Lordmcfuzz
Damage Control Lordmcfuzz
Minister of Zoobs BaneThunderwolf
Mission Pinner Silfr
Mission Debriefer BaneThunderwolf
Mission Reporter Lordmcfuzz
Stellar Cartographer Threespeed
Compressor Wrangler BaneThunderwolf
Print Jockey Johnny Five

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderPastry Queen
Mission Size 15 pilots
OriginFort Tyler
DestinationNew London
Light Years13.774
G-Well Activity1.001
Technical Rating1.535