Status: Negi

DPX Moneypenny

This is the coolest ship ever created… and also probably the hardest to mount, and ride. It's so worth the effort, though! YAY!!!!!


Light Years1245.225
Thrust Rating2.654
Handling Rating0.1265
Difficulty Rating9.924
Max Warp3

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull Typeuh....... idk?
Chief EngineerDeathTrap
Originprobably a dumpster somewhere.....
Christened on2011.04.09
LocationFort Tyler
Navi RetroCoaster
Primary Retro


2022.10.29   Hallowheels 2022 Wombat
2022.08.20   Chestnut Thrill DreadFlint
2021.04.03   Red Shirt Panic Wombat
2019.11.02   Hallowheels 19 Wombat
2019.10.05   Skunk Day 50 Wombat
2019.06.29   0.5 XS Day Wombat
2018.10.06   Skunk Day: Episode 500 - A New Hope eXceSs
2017.07.01   SCUL Day Observed Lordmcfuzz
2017.06.24   Army of Robots Lordmcfuzz
2017.05.27   Augment My Chopper Lordmcfuzz
2017.05.13   Let's Be Evil Lordmcfuzz
2017.05.06   Wheeled Migration Lordmcfuzz
2017.04.22   Creampuff Lordmcfuzz
2017.04.08   Z Axis Lordmcfuzz
2016.09.23   Kineticcting to LOL Lordmcfuzz
2016.09.17   Peter Pan - Return of the Lost Boys Lordmcfuzz
2016.09.10   Space Camp: The Revenge Lordmcfuzz
2016.09.03   U-Want To Do What? Lordmcfuzz
2016.07.16   Salem's Lot Wombat
2016.07.02   There Will Be Fireworks Wombat
2016.06.25   Lickety Splat Lordmcfuzz
2016.06.18   Luna Libros IV: Satellites of Love Wombat
2016.06.04   Twentieth Anniversary Fox DreadFlint
2016.05.14   Do The Worm Lordmcfuzz
2016.04.23   White Hole Lordmcfuzz
2016.04.16   The Friendly Skies DeathTrap
2015.09.19   Bog Standard Ops Wombat
2015.06.20   Like Deers In Rain Wombat
2015.06.13   Keeping up ApPEARances DreadFlint
2015.04.25   Chop Your Own Adventure Wombat
2015.04.18   Cloaked in Cardboard Wombat
2014.11.08   Overtime: Omegamission '14 Wombat
2014.11.01   Halloweeeels '14 Wombat
2014.10.12   Chonk! DreadFlint
2014.05.17   Luna Libros II: Codex Schmodex Stogie
2014.05.03   Safety Dance Wombat
2014.04.12   Macular Assault Stogie
2014.04.05   Alphonsemission '14 DeathTrap
2013.06.22   Super Mooning: The Revenge Stogie
2013.06.15   Casual Violence Stogie
2013.06.08   Sea or Sugar DreadFlint
2013.04.13   Pajama Party Wombat
2013.04.06   Alpacamission '13 DeathTrap
2012.10.20   Picture Day Disco Digital Snapshot Funtime Extreme DeathTrap
2012.10.13   Century 2012 Wombat
2012.09.29   Chasing The Stars With The Starchasers Wombat
2012.07.21   Orange You Glad It's Pecan Day? Wombat
2012.06.30   One Wet Pilot DeathTrap
2012.05.12   Word To Your Mother! Wombat
2012.05.05   Super Mooning DeathTrap
2011.10.08   Skunk Day Wombat
2011.09.03   Movie Night and Bicycle Alchemy DeathTrap
2011.08.06   Princess 5: Hapto's Last Stand (for now) Stogie
2011.07.23   Gong Swimmin' Stogie
2011.06.18   Skywriter DeathTrap
2011.04.09   Repo Men DeathTrap