Status: Success


Space Camp: The Revenge

Camping in Spaaaaace! Starchasers and SCUL Prime unite!

Loaded up transports and drove to fort Jonathan.
Unloaded the transports, and loaded up other transports.
Civirron transported our gear to camp site,
Other pilots figure out what they will be sleeping in.
Pilots mount and start off
Went the wrong way
Mad owl burns up
It gets dark
G wells,
Massive target, lordmcfuzz and leotard get steering damper, had a hard time finding the blue ribbon.
Sling shot maneuver
Set up camp in dark
Mad owl and Everest learn how to start a fire from leotard
Lordmcfuzz and dogi use sticks to cook their dinner,
Excess moves the fire into the grill
Lordmcfuzz attempts to make cookies on a stick, he ended up with turd cookie, he said it was delicious. Leotard made a more appetizing cookie in one of get pans.
Pilots went swimming.
We lost dogi(he went swimming), lordmcfuzz and leotard go walking in search, leotard found dogi's tracks and they led back to the camp site.
A passing drunk stumbled twenty feet and knocked over money penny
Pilots slept well.
Transport picked up or gear,
Pilots went swimming,
The sky radiated on us.
Sling shot maneuver failed on the way back, leotard made a spectacular ejection in the play gwell side. No medical kit required.
Everything looked different in the day star.
Skunk realized that lordmcfuzz was double badging.
Dogi was ejected during worm hole traversing, medibag was needed.
Mission success.

Injury to Dogi.
Strength and Patronage to Truth Seeker.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Civitron Artemis 1623.16   Vice Admiral
dogi Saint Christopher 1184.12   Senior Chief Petty Officer
DrClaw Skywarp 234.061   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Everest Voluptuous 518.047   Lieutenant Commander
eXceSs Chutes & Ladders 1918.55   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Leotard Lazarus 1440.69   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Lordmcfuzz Moneypenny 2382.36  
Mad Owl Angry Candy 715.169   Petty Officer Third Class
Skunk Cloudbuster 1276.88  
Truth Seeker Civilian Ship 0  
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Civitron
Deck Officer Mad Owl
Gate Attendant Everest
Navigator Civitron
Tailgunner eXceSs
Com-Sat 1 Lordmcfuzz
Tool Bag Leotard
Flat Bag Lordmcfuzz
Medi Bag Lordmcfuzz
Ambassador Everest
Still Cam Lordmcfuzz
Airlock Civitron
Life Support 1 Skunk
Life Support 2 Leotard
Life Support 3 eXceSs
Mission Pinner eXceSs
Mission Debriefer Lordmcfuzz
Mission Reporter Lordmcfuzz
Sentry Civitron

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderCivitron
Mission Size 10 pilots
OriginFort Jonathan
DestinationMyles Standish Outpost
Light Years66.514
G-Well Activity3.256
Technical Rating0.926