Status: Success


Luna XII-Undecim

It was the day of Luna Libros and moral was low after Threespeed's transport broke down. "its not going to get us to the Starchasers " he said. Worst part was we all knew he was right. After many pilots had dispersed one brave pilot made a call to action. "Luna Libros? HA! Books are for nerds!" said Punchy "Lets go do cool stuff like hang out at 7-Elevens or... something?". Seven pilots came to their calling. HA! Get it? Its like a mission about 7-Elevens and... never mind its probably its way over your head. The mission was make sure all of our beloved spots to get unsavory snacks were safe from harm. We have a good setup we had with the luna 7-eleven's. They sell us unsavory snacks while in return we make sure that they are under our protection. The First luna 7-Eleven we past was under construction so there was not much that needed our attention there. The second one looked good but we wanted to stop to make sure everything was okay just in case. But mostly we just wanted shore leave to get unsavory snacks. As some of us stood sentry a local food walks up clearly intoxicated. He starts rambling "these bikes aren't even *that* unusual". "Well, I mean sure." I thought to myself. It was here that we remembered that one of the mission objectives was to get one of the most vile 7-Eleven delicacies, the Slurpee. While some find it to be quite scrumptious many find it to be, well... revolting. But an objective is an objective and it turned out that there might be fewer that find it revolting than I originally thought. It was also here that Rad Max decided to see how long it would take her to eat a yogurt with out a spoon as fast as she could.

(couscous: It took her 21 seconds! 21 seconds can you believe that barbarian!)

Shut up couscous I'm writing this mission report leave me alone.

(couscous: Oh I'm not actually here right now its just stupid O'clock in the morning and you are hungry so you are just imagining I'm here)

Yeah whatever imaginary couscous.

(Imaginary couscous: Get it? Its early in the morning and you're hungry so you think of couscous its funny because its a food but its also my name!)

go away
we find our space travelers in a parking lot doing 11 jumping jacks

(Imaginary Punchy: Yeah that was really dumb.)

Well it was you're idea!

(Imaginary Punchy: well technically since I'm also a figment of your imagination you are actually the one who thinks it dumb)

okay this is getting out of hand

(Imaginary Rocket: you see its funny because she only has one!)

What the ship is even happening right now? Okay you know what I am just going to continue. On the way back we took shore leave at insomnia cookies where some very rude angry people came by and knocked half of out admittedly small fleet over and you know what I'm just going to call it quits for the night I'm tired and being harassed by imaginary Scul Pilots I'm going to bed. I'll probably look at this in the morning and decide its stupid but have fun reading it while it's still here
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Cakes Mjollnir 0  
couscous Glittergasm 365.675   Aviator First Class
Punchy Compliance 510.31   Lieutenant
RadMax RadRig 675.641   Chief Petty Officer
Rocket 88 319.51  
Shadowcat Princess Fun Police 464.275   Master Chief Petty Officer
Shepherd Abandon All Hope 0  
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Punchy
Deck Officer RadMax
Navigator RadMax
Tailgunner Rocket
Com-Sat 1 couscous
Tool Bag RadMax
Flat Bag RadMax
Medi Bag Punchy
Wookiee Bag couscous
Ambassador RadMax
Chalk Bag Shepherd
Still Cam Rocket
Airlock Shadowcat
Recycler Shepherd
Life Support 1 couscous
Damage Control Shadowcat
Mission Pinner Shadowcat
Mission Debriefer Punchy
Mission Reporter RadMax
Stellar Cartographer couscous
Cleaner Shadowcat
Compressor Wrangler RadMax
Print Jockey Punchy

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderPunchy
Mission Size 7 pilots
OriginFort Tyler
DestinationThe Halls of Unsavory Snacks
Light Years7.900
G-Well Activity1.023
Technical Rating1.032