Status: Success


Voyage of the Dawn Treaders

Mission Objectives

Our ante meridiem quest is threefold:

  • Bring something to share for a sunrise potluck
  • Dance beneath the moon, dance before the sun
  • Make landfall by 06:05 to greet the dawn
If we fail, we risk the wrath of the mythical Castle Island albatross.

Mission Summary

Some Pilots met up just outside the Harvard Constellation before heading to the fort. Upon entering the air space of the fort it was discovered that Skunk was wiring up the new airlock strobe and has unfortunately been locked out of the fort. This is doubly unfortunate as Lordmcfuzz had the fort access codes in his other bag. A distress call went out to DC and they arrived shortly after.

After some quick preflighting and ceremonies, Lordmcfuzz set off from the launch pad and it was only 30 seconds before a mechanical was called. The whispers in the fleet suggested that wombat ran over something and it exploded. Sadly it was wombat's own bag and some of his steering dampener was crushed underneath his own navi thruster. Vomit also left her gloves on the launch pad (no one ran them over). After some small clean up the fleet crossed over the transport starpath called "The Pike" and started to head towards the heart of Boston.

It was very quiet, and not like the last few missions around here. With hardly any transports in sight the fleet was able to weave back in forth to the groove across space. Just after we passed the Fort Point man made Asteroid Belt, Wombat yelled out mechanical and tool bag was brought to the rescue. Some things just needed to be tightened. Fleet Admiral Skunk called out a wall formation as we approached the Island named Castle and the fleet held that formation for a distance. It was so nice not to have to break formation for an oncoming transport.

As we circled for the fort on the island, there was a soon to be docking transport carrier so large that it could block out the Moon! Several air craft were flying over. The fleet called them out so no pilot would be surprised and be in the way of the large craft's landing path. A hint of light was starting to show on the horizon while Wombat and Skunk did a lap for a medal of naked. They were going to go for a second lap but they spotted a civilian fisherman and quickly turned around and hid.

As Pilots settled in for the waiting of dawn, Vomit pointed out the foam that has collected along the shore line. It was jiggling and moving creepily but also memorizing. “It’s undulating! Like Jabba the Hutt’s intestines!” vomit observed. An array of things to share (grapes, cherry tomatoes, thin mints, blondie bars, Dubliner cheese, and smoked salmon) were laid out on a bench while hammocks were hung. Pilots played a few games of Mölkky as the day star was getting ready to peer over the horizon. Dr Claw took many photos, holding special flashing device in his other hand and all sorts of angles.

At one point in time, it was Wombat's turn at Mölkky but he was no where to be seen. Vomit found and pointed Wombat out as he was treading deeper into the foam. He said it felt like a broccoli smoothie. It did not look comfortable and it left quite a mess on his legs as he treaded back to shore. Since all the water was covered in foam, Wombat decided to use a foam pool noodle on the shore to attempt to slough off the dirty slime. It was suggested that Wombat try the other side of the causeway as there was no foam there. He almost obtained a medal of injury in the process. A few crabs were found and observed with a caring distance. Wombat attempted to befriend a hermit crab but it did not think he needed any more friends. Wombat was later awarded a medal of valor for his exploration efforts.

Meanwhile Ziqqurat was enjoying the shore leave life in a hammock and fell asleep. The dreams must have been amazing. Cosima called for the end of shore leave and each pilot diligently picked up and we left to go find some tardises now that the morning is in full swing. The flight path home took us through the built up Seaport where Wombat had another mechanical, then through the Financial District and back into the Common.

Lordmcfuzz had the fleet tour Open Streets Newbury Street just before the place was closed down to all transports. Heavy transports were at the ready to remove any left over / abandoned transports left on the starpath. Afterwards the fleet crossed the Charles Asteroid Belt towards the section of Memorial drive closed to transports. There were many people out and about. About half of them were dressed in pink with sequins and glitter. They were apparently planning to space walk for 20 light years today, and all for a cause! They were very happy to see us. An uneventful last bit of the mission had us find 'suc-ess' at the landing pad.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Cosima Mad Rabbit 876.045   Commodore
DrClaw Skywarp 284.836  
Lordmcfuzz The Traveler 1283.31   Admiral
Skunk Syntax Error 660.767  
vomit Jan Brady 787.36   Petty Officer Second Class
Wombat Abracadaver 440.364  
Ziqqurat Iridium 454.507   Commodore
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Cosima
Deck Officer Skunk
Navigator Lordmcfuzz
Tailgunner vomit
Com-Sat 1 Wombat
Tool Bag Skunk
Flat Bag Ziqqurat
Medi Bag Cosima
Wookiee Bag DrClaw
Ambassador Skunk
Chalk Bag Cosima
Still Cam DrClaw
Life Support 1 Skunk
Life Support 2 Wombat
Life Support 3 Ziqqurat
Mission Pinner Ziqqurat
Mission Debriefer Wombat
Mission Reporter Lordmcfuzz
Stellar Cartographer Lordmcfuzz

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderCosima
Mission Size 7 pilots
OriginFort Antwerp
Light Years21.105
G-Well Activity0.639
Technical Rating1.033