2 Lucky

Pilot Date2022.10.08
Total Light Years242.78

Too Lucky.

Growing up everyone called me this because of the similarity to my grandmother's name. My grandmother and step-grandfather were small town famous in the 1980's for riding bikes everywhere and not owning a car. Bike riding served her well, once she couldn't really walk more than a couple blocks she could still ride her bike around town and raise a ruckus.

So the super-hero version of myself is an attempt to honor my grandmother.


Wingmate 11
Flat Bag1
Medi Bag1
Wookiee Bag1
Chalk Bag2
Life Support 31
Life Support 42


Hosted Bybeezwax
Enlistment Date2021.10.09
Knighted ByCosima
Pilot Date2022.10.08
Stone Cog