Pilot Date2000.04.01
Total Light Years205.25
Current Experience285.15

When we first saw Hades, we thought he'd be the
first to go down in Derby. He was the last. We've
thrown everything we've got at him and he's still
managed to stay up. Skunk has hit him with a
shopping cart at top speed and he still stays up!
Once took someone out in derby after he had
dropped his chain! All in all a formidabile pilot
in derby. One of the Few pilots to be able to ride
BRC AssEnd, the most difficult ship to pilot in SCUL.

Ships Built


Hosted ByZeus
Pilot Date2000.04.01

Pilots Hosted

Service Record

Date Div Mission Ship
2024.04.27 MAD Lesser Known AssEnd
2022.10.01 MAD One Hit Wonders Water
2010.10.30 MAD Omegamission Hallowheels AssEnd
2001.08.04 MAD Pancreatic Cramitore AssEnd
2000.08.12 MAD It Was Working When We Left Air
2000.07.22 MAD Seige This Air
2000.06.24 MAD Pain AssEnd
2000.04.23 MAD Wet and Dense Not Cerberus
2000.04.01 MAD April Fools Winter
1999.12.31 MAD Y2K Buggin Winter