Status: Destroyed

USB Caddy Yack

Skunk was given a radially laced front wheel with an off-center hub - it was fun, but on long forks it didn't bob the pilot up and down much. You do the math. Skunk decided to build a rear wheel to match.

A cross threaded lacing of an off-center hub shouldn't be anyone's first wheel build, and Skunk needed a lot of help getting this to work. He also needed a spoke threader - he got a 'cheap' which was operated by mashing the stainless spokes as hard as your hand could push while turning a tiny crank. By the time the spokes were cut, threaded, then re-cut and re-threaded,
Skunk had a deep red bruise in the center of his right palm that took a few weeks to heal.

We put the wheels on this sweet Cadillac Cruiser frame - the head-badge was incredible, by the way. We giggled a lot as we ride it around the parking lots and up and down the street. However it short time, it made the most iron-stomached of pilots nauseous. This was a short-range vessel, but occasionally Crack would push her limits to see how far this little lamb could go.

The frame is lost to time. The front wheel too. But somewhere in the piles of thrusters at the Fort, the primary thruster of doom awaits some unsuspecting builder.


Light Years51.36
Thrust Rating7.96
Handling Rating4.93
Difficulty Rating7.04
Max Warp1

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull TypeCaddilac Cruider
Chief EngineerSkunk
OriginThe Bike Doctor
Christened on1999.06.13
Navi Retro
Primary Retro


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