Status: Posi

PVC The Halting Problem

The halting problem is a decision problem about properties of ships on
a fixed Touring-complete model of piloting. The question is, given a
ship and a mission the ship is on, whether the ship will eventually
halt when flown on that mission. In this abstract framework, there are
no resource limitations of memory or time on the ship\'s flight; it can
take arbitrarily long, and use arbitrarily much storage space, before
halting. The question is simply whether the given ship will ever halt
on a particular mission.

Theme song: Sex Machine by James Brown (picked by Magneato)


Light Years109.477
Thrust Rating6.78
Handling Rating2.34
Difficulty Rating7.9
Max Warp3

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull TypeSchwinn Suburban, Raleigh
Chief Engineermagneato
OriginPennsylvania, Fort Spencer
Christened on2008.07.05
LocationFort Whitman
Navi RetroSide-pull Caliper
Primary Retro