Status: Posi

DPW Hrimfaxi

"Hrímfaxi he is named, who pulls each
Night for the useful powers;
Bit-drops he lets fall each morning,
Thence comes dew into the valleys."


Light Years299.772
Thrust Rating5
Handling Rating5
Difficulty Rating5
Max Warp1

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull TypeGran-Prix/Gran-Sport
Chief EngineerSilfr
OriginA former glory, it has since been called to action by Night herself
Christened on2016.07.23
LocationFort Tyler
Navi Retro
Primary RetroSide-pull Caliper


2018.09.01   Divinity Cat Moved Us To The Moon Silfr
2018.08.18   Chalk-Full-O'Funk Silfr
2018.07.21   Thunderclaws Is Coming To Town Silfr
2018.06.23   Fixed Gear No Fear Silfr
2018.06.23   Tell and Show Silfr
2018.04.07   Alohamission 2018 Silfr
2017.07.22   Chop To The Hop Silfr
2016.10.08   Skunk Day '16 Silfr
2016.09.17   Peter Pan - Return of the Lost Boys Silfr
2016.09.10   Space Camp Jr. Silfr
2016.09.03   U-Want To Do What? Silfr
2016.08.27   Slingshot Nebulae Silfr
2016.08.20   Ghost Train Silfr
2016.08.14   Dawn Patrol Silfr
2016.07.30   Pretty Princess Silfr
2016.07.23   Castles In The Sand Silfr