Status: Success


U-Want To Do What?

The night started off slow, with Lordmcfuzz tensioning Moneypenny and replacing Catastrophe's plasma casing while Dr. Claw feverishly gave Bieber Fever a tune up. The inspirational child himself is now featured as a head badge. As time drew closer to the launch time, pilots filled into the fort preparing for the unknown mission ahead. Skunk asked pilots to give any objectives to the navigator (Dr. Claw) in advance so he could have a few more minutes to prepare our route.

Mission objectives, as defined on the launchpad:

1. At least two pilots perform the SCUL march (Skunk)
2. Practice parade formation (Dr.Claw)
3. Eat a grenade and get a picture of it (Epoxy)
4. Cross at least one asteroid belt (Wombat)
5. Orbit at least 3 black holes at least 2 times each (Excess)
6. Get a full group picture with at least one willing civilian (Lordmcfuzz)
7. Stay warm and toasty and cuddle (Pastry Queen)
8. Get unsavory snacks (Sewer)
9. Eat a jelly filled grenade from a dumpster (Threespeed)
10. Heavy nebula immersion (Dogi)
11. Dancing derby (Johnny 5)
12. Don't get passed by a U-Haul box transport (Dead Bride)

With Dr. Claw navigating, the fleet followed in tow wondering how he is going to manage to lead the fleet to accomplish all those objectives or would just U-Haul just fail the mission (Obj 12) within a light year from the launchpad. Skunk and Dogi performed a hard docking maneuver to turn on the extra lasers for the Discobobulator while in flight. Dr. Claw led us through Camberville in search for some unsavory snacks (Obj 8) and ended up finding some "frat" civilians hanging out with some EMTs around a flipped and destroyed transport. They were all willing to take a group photo with us in front of the ambulance and the flipped transport (Obj 6). Stickers were distributed and the transport beaten with some steel and a false metal bat. Sewer walked away with a transport grill and converted it into a ship grill.

The navigator led the fleet to one of the classic MIT lunas, but it was closed. The student civilians must not be back in classes yet. Dr Claw had a back up plan and hit up a different open Luna 7/11. Obj 8 complete. At this point the fleet grew weary of the looming U-Haul threat (Obj 12) as they passed den and breeding ground. Luckily for the fleet, the transports were sleeping along with the others that they passed on the side of the streets.

The fleet made expertly navigated the Powder House black hole (Obj 5) with transports entering and exiting the black hole too. Dr Claw led us to our next destination in hopes to dunk Dogi into a nebula (Obj 10) as he and some other pilots were sure not getting radiated tonight. Negi G-wells were experienced and conquered expertly by the fleet. Excess and Pastry Queen showed off some aerial moves. Skunk and Dogi attempted the docking maneuver again to turn off the extra lasers on Cloudbuster but this time it went a little rougher than the first time. Dogi experienced a small bump with Cloudbuster. As Dogi went into the nebula (Obj 10) other pilots enjoyed shore leave and cuddled (Obj 7) to stay warm and toasty.

The Fleet still has some how avoided an awake and moving U-Hauls (Obj 12). As they headed back towards Camberville, they circled one black hole (Obj 5), then crossed an asteroid belt (obj 4), and then circled a second (final) black hole (Obj 5). The fleet stopped quickly at a Dunkin Grenades and found a Jelly filled grenade in the Dumpster (Obj 9) and Epoxy consumed it while taking a selfie (Obj 3).

Dr Claw then led us to our flight school proving grounds to perform some maneuvers. Skunk went over Parade formation (Obj 2) twice and the fleet performed it beautifully for 200 meters. At this point Skunk went over the SCUL march (Obj 1) and the fleet practiced in place before performing it flawlessly for the other 200 meters for the track. The fleet went over to an empty transport parking lot, luckily still no U-Hauls (Obj 12) for some Dancing Derbying (Obj 11). Skunk made some tea. Lordmcfuzz on Chastity, Johnny 5 on Pale Horse, and Excess on Mjollnir showed off their moves in a Derby (Obj 11). Johnny 5 won. Chastity danced too hard and had a mechanical, Threespeed and Excess to the rescue. Skunk pulled out his kite. Lordmcfuzz tried to help fly it unsuccessfully. Skunk had better success on Mjollnir with he kite and Lordmcfuzz was pretty successful on Chastity with the kite as he tested out Threespeed's and Excess's fix before handing the ship back to Dead Bride.

The fleet was able to make it back to the landing pad without being passed by a U-Haul (Obj 12).


Oh and happy 100th to Excess!
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Dead Bride Chastity 1077.77   Lieutenant
dogi Saint Christopher 427.578   Petty Officer First Class
DrClaw Bieber Fever 872.527   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Epoxy Mjollnir 737.098   Petty Officer First Class
eXceSs Chutes & Ladders 877.269   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Johnny Five Pale Horse 0  
Lordmcfuzz Moneypenny 1029.9  
Pastry Queen Princess Fun Police 0  
Silfr Hrimfaxi 274.951  
Skunk Cloudbuster 1185.84  
Threespeed Dr. Moreau 690.927   Admiral, Fleet Ready
Wombat One Night Stand 506.064   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Skunk
Deck Officer Epoxy
Gate Attendant Dead Bride
Navigator DrClaw
Tailgunner Dead Bride
Com-Sat 1 Threespeed
Com-Sat 2 eXceSs
Tool Bag Epoxy
Flat Bag eXceSs
Medi Bag Threespeed
Wookiee Bag Wombat
Ambassador Dead Bride
Chalk Bag Skunk
Still Cam Epoxy
Airlock eXceSs
Recycler Johnny Five
Life Support 1 eXceSs
Damage Control Johnny Five
Minister of Zoobs Wombat
Mission Pinner Dead Bride
Mission Debriefer Wombat
Mission Reporter Lordmcfuzz
Stellar Cartographer Lordmcfuzz
Cleaner Dead Bride
Compressor Wrangler Threespeed
Print Jockey Skunk
Sentry Lordmcfuzz

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderSkunk
Mission Size 12 pilots
OriginFort Tyler
DestinationU-Haul nest
Light Years24.932
G-Well Activity3.281
Technical Rating1.846