Status: Posi

PST The Mighty Nein

It's really tall, oops,

I had a plan for this to be 5 inches shorter. I cut my tubes with the expectation that I would make some mistakes while constructing the ship and didn't want to have the ship shrink under my target height. My mistake was that I did not make those mistakes.

This ship is kind of scary tall. As it's commissioning and writing of this description, it is the tallest ship in the fleet that is currently Posi and Active.


Light Years216.139
Thrust Rating3.345
Handling Rating1.984
Difficulty Rating9.352
Max Warp8

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull TypeGerman design
Chief EngineerLordmcfuzz
OriginA money pitt
Christened on2018.09.15
LocationFort Puritan
Navi RetroCantilever
Primary RetroSide-pull Caliper


2023.09.03   Dead by Dawn Lordmcfuzz
2021.08.29   Dawn Patrol: Sunny Side Up Lordmcfuzz
2019.11.09   Omegamission 19 Lordmcfuzz
2019.07.20   Scul! The Boot Camp Lordmcfuzz
2019.07.20   A Trip to the Moon Lordmcfuzz
2019.06.08   The Sampler Lordmcfuzz
2019.04.06   Appalachiamission '19 Lordmcfuzz
2018.09.29   Lordmcfuzz's Double Doo Doo Century Lordmcfuzz
2018.09.22   Fall In Line Lordmcfuzz
2018.09.15   Cats In Space Lordmcfuzz