Status: Success



Mission Objectives

visit castle island
experiment with mentos and diet coke
joust with pool noodles
consume cannoli

Mission Summary

CastleIsland ho! We've been thinking about it for most of the season, and it was time.

We headed out to CastleIsland with Mentos and Diet Coke on the noodle. Speaking of noodles, we got some of those, too. The wacky kind.

There were fishermen, Russian spies, and Mentos explosions on CastleIsland, fascinating docking bay attendant humans manning fuel-dump stations (he rode Mjollnir and we blessed him with the Freshness!), dirt-based derbies, and jousting with the aforementioned noodles of the wack.

Cannolies were had after the IslandExploration, much to the amusement of all Pilots and most humans. Zappa then located a CookieDumpingStation, boosted the goods, and Asher transported the Yummies to a better location.

Exon's posterior decided it doesn't like derby sometimes, the HARVs decided that they don't like spaceway sidewalks sometimes, and a plastic PowerRangers monstrosity decided that sometimes if it hangs out on the side of the road, it might get abducted by a local Chopper gang.

Yay CastleIsland! Yay cannolies! Yay noodle jousting! Yay fun fun fun!

BabyMaggot Richard M. Nixon was under the wing of Zappa
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Asher VWBeetle 1191.31   Lieutenant Commander
Bitzer Mjollnir 674.085   Lieutenant Commander
dillweed 100Hz 342.836  
Exon Pride 432.595   Lieutenant Junior Grade
GRIMLOCKE Ez Raider 242.44   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Iscariot Darkendank 1015.23   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Mars Bonnie & Clyde 506.284   Admiral
Masokist Toxic Shock 885.322  
Oppo Skittles 307.307   Lieutenant Commander
Samurai Heartbreaker 731.558   Vice Admiral
Zappa Doctor Love 1513.13   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
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Taskforce Pilot
Navigator Zappa
Tailgunner Masokist
Tool Bag Masokist
Filmer Bitzer

Mission Parameters

Mission Size 11 pilots
OriginFort Summer
DestinationCastle Island
Light Years22.158
G-Well Activity2.560
Technical Rating2.670