Status: Success


Articular Matters

Somerville: puttim' the "Aaaah!" in aaaht since earth year 1999. We
patrolled the local starsystem hanging our brains on the handiwork
the cleverer hu-mans amidst the food. Objects! Concepts!
This is what passes for creativity on the planet -- and our
believe it explains a lot. Folks we ran into included Ktron, Ehawk,
and Rubbish exhibiting their wares, an actual
stormtrooper, a fellow making a pictographic book on earth-bicycles
whose mind exploded upon seeing our highly advanced experimental
ships, a maggot who thrice decided to show up well after the call
saddle-up, and a transport full of fart boys who cut us off and
aggressively for a good twenty second before deciding to ram USB
Skylab in the rear thruster at the oddly slow speed of 1.5 light-
per hour. After a brief shouting match where we pointed out that
just committed an earth-crime, we chose to move on. Ten minutes
the local constabulary pulled up with the transport driver in tow.
declined to pursue the matter, assuming if we set him free he'll
end up winning a Darwin award much to no one's loss. Excellent
formations and top-notch in-flight communications reflected well on
the pilots in the mission. And our Fleet Admiral successfully
converted some of his finer robots into many earth-credits.

Unofficial Mission to Magneato's Flavor Trip Party involved
significantly more high-powered steering dampener molecules than day
mission. Navigation
to the Brighton System took us through very deep space, where our
optical disruptors were the only source of light, and directional
markers minimal. Emerging victoriously, Retard Squad arrived at a
distress call, and promptly bartered with food's secret
distorting sweetness receptors in exchange for posing with our
ships and rad pilots.Why does this lime taste so damn good? And the
chocolate so crap? Om nom nom.Pink photons powered by pedaling
prodigiously, while pumping ptunes played. STs arrived in a
successful effort to neutralize the distress call.

Note: beware of putting too
much steering dampener fluid into a bio-system, this may result in
a highly noxious reflux reaction and generally threaten return to
base capabilities. If this should happen to you, brave pilot, be
prepared to
relieve yourself, and relieve yourself of duty until such time as
your horizon indicators level out.

Return to base was marked by a minor wardrobe malfunction when Q's
attempt to ride 42W Delirium with an unfurled pants-cuff caught the
drive chain and the attention of the third pair of STs that
stardate. All ships and pilots were eventually redistributed to
their respective stations & forts.

Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Brick Ez Raider 0  
hackworth Summer 1298.3   Vice Admiral
Pretzel Dustin Time 571.5   Master Chief Petty Officer
pywaket Skylab 308.447  
Quandary Delirium 834.845   Commodore
Treekiller Doctor Love 404.855   Lieutenant Commander
Vesper War 334.319   Petty Officer Second Class
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Quandary
Deck Officer Pretzel
Gate Attendant hackworth
MRC Officer Leotard
Navigator Quandary
Tailgunner Pretzel
Tool Bag Treekiller
Flat Bag Brick
Medi Bag hackworth
Wookiee Bag hackworth
Ambassador Vesper
Still Cam Treekiller
Airlock Quandary
Life Support 1 hackworth
Damage Control hackworth
Mission Debriefer Quandary
Mission Reporter Quandary
Filmer hackworth

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderQuandary
Mission Size 7 pilots
OriginFort Bartlett
Light Years7.300
G-Well Activity3.700
Technical Rating3.400