Status: Success


Local Early Bird Special


local antics while MAD SCUL is away camping


Local EARLY mission with the following theme: "Early Bird Catches The Figment"

- this local mission will appeal to those pilots who turn into pumpkins at midnight.

- ONE HOUR MRC from 17:00 t0 18:00 (that's 5pm to 6pm, yo!) MRC will most likely involve cleaning up around the fort cuz of MAD SCUL camping scramble... or maybe just hangin' around looking cool while spinning wrenches.

- EARLY LAUNCH - 19:00 (that's 7pm, yo!)

- Local SCUL will tool around and check out FIGMENT -

- FIGMENT is the traditional SCULympics site - let's LIMBO in LIMBO

- Local SCUL old fogies (or young fogies who are old at heart) will be home early to avoid turning into pumpkins.

- Lieutennant Stogie OUT

Notes of how it went down:

- Launch: on time. 4 pilots (3 fogies + 1 brave lieutenant)
- Two radioboxes w/ two different grooves (PHISH & BLACK METAL) because we can + mini-tool bag
- Sewer Specialist in oncoming traffic lane while on cell phone = classy
- Lesley University Radiobox Exposure Mission (aka How Many IC Does It Take to Secure Radiobox to Pestilence)
- Farewell to TT the Bear's Buzz
- Around the rotary 4x standard fare at North Point
- Wadlow threads the needle riding through The Locks
- Figment After Dark. Pilots sightings: Pretzel, Dishpan, Thalo, LTrain
- When Wadlow Attacks (by ways of Secret Asian SCULly)
- Pestilence Plasma Problem Perfectly ...Timed. (pitched?).
- Made Way For Dumplings (sorry 3spd)
- THREE possible sightings of The4130BeanTownBmxRide
- Medal of Injury for our Mission Leader, Medal of Bottomless Pit for Sewer at loading dock, silent-running-style
- Pilot Spark sighting back in Fort
- Stogie Goes Home With All the Pins
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
hackworth Pestilence 398.956   Aviator First Class
Silfr Delirium 768.89   Lieutenant
Stogie Wadlow 1318.57   Commander
yt Secret Asian SCULly 508.563   Aviator First Class
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Stogie
Deck Officer Stogie
Gate Attendant Stogie
MRC Officer Stogie
Navigator yt
Tailgunner Silfr
Com-Sat 1 Silfr
Tool Bag yt
Flat Bag Silfr
Ambassador Silfr
Still Cam Stogie
Life Support 1 hackworth
Life Support 2 Silfr
Mission Pinner Silfr
Mission Reporter yt
Stellar Cartographer Stogie
Filmer hackworth
Print Jockey Silfr

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderStogie
Mission Size 4 pilots
OriginFort Tyler
DestinationFigment Limbo & DUMPLINGS
Light Years14.079
G-Well Activity2.000
Technical Rating3.000