Status: Posi

NAS Wadlow

This Ship's name is inspired by Robert Pershing Wadlow
who, at 8 feet 11 inches, was known as the tallest man in recorded
history. I do not personally know anyone taller.

In honor of tallness, we hereby christen it with SOMERVILLE TAP

(applause and heckling)



Long, Tall and Heavy... Stogie threw together two matching tandem
frames and got some help from Nosepicker with welding at his fort
when SCUL's welding machine (Zeus) was out of commission between the
move from Fort Joy to Fort Tyler.

Wadlow is registered with BIKE INDEX


"Good Morning Wadlow" from the album Ghost Republic by Willard Grant Conspiracy

(RIP "Robert California" (Nosepicker's nickname for him)

"The Giant of Illinois"

by The Handsome Family

Ship Song - Nick Cave cover - Puddles Pity Party



Light Years967.304
Thrust Rating5
Handling Rating7
Difficulty Rating8
Max Warp3

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull Typetwo identical tandem Huffy frames circa 1960
Chief EngineerStogie
OriginSCUL scrap pile
Christened on2011.10.08
LocationFort Summer
Navi RetroSide-pull Caliper
Primary RetroCoaster


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