Pilot Ship Points Promotion
AceHole Temerity 356.22   Lieutenant Commander
Axeman Civilian Ship 35.444   Aviator
BaneThunderwolf Skylab 691.11  
danimal Megas-Tu 0  
DeathTrap Bieber Fever 433.983   Commodore
DrClaw Mad Rabbit 542.062  
hackworth Roll Bounce 286.42  
metoikos Mjollnir 509.904   Vice Admiral
moose Loki Ducker 295.552  
Nosepicker Dr. Beverly Crusher 258.996  
Piranha Lemon Wedge 357.275   Vice Admiral
Skunk Cloudbuster 883.578  
Stogie Wadlow 414.864  
Treekiller lorax 490.38  
Wombat Delirium 260.664  
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Skunk
Deck Officer metoikos
Gate Attendant BaneThunderwolf
MRC Officer Skunk
Navigator DrClaw
Tailgunner Treekiller
Com-Sat 1 BaneThunderwolf
Tool Bag BaneThunderwolf
Flat Bag danimal
Medi Bag metoikos
Wookiee Bag AceHole
Ambassador metoikos
Still Cam Stogie
Airlock DrClaw
Life Support 1 AceHole
Damage Control DrClaw
Mission Reporter metoikos
Filmer hackworth
Food Wrangler metoikos

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderSkunk
Mission Size 15 pilots
OriginFort Tyler
DestinationA good time on the Charlestown waterfront
Light Years15.000
G-Well Activity3.266
Technical Rating2.178