Pilot Date2007.09.29
Total Light Years460.27

This ain't one body's story. It's the story of us
all. We got it mouth-to-mouth.You got to listen it
and 'member. 'Cause what you hears today you got
to tell the birthed tomorrow. I'm looking behind
us now. . .across the count of time. . .down the
long haul,
into history back. I sees the end what were the
start. It's Pox-Eclipse, full of pain! And out of
it were birthed crackling dust and fearsome time.
It were full-on winter. . .and Mr. Dead chasing
them all. But one he couldn't catch. That were
Axeman. He gathers up a gang, takes to the air
and flies to the sky! So they left their homes,
said bidey-bye to the high-scrapers. . ..and what
were left of the knowing, they left behind. Some
say the wind just stoppered. Others reckon it were
a gang called Turbulence. And after the wreck. .
.some had been jumped by Mr. Dead. . .but some had
got the luck,and it leads them here. One look and
they's got the hots for it. They word it "Planet
Earth." And they says, "We don't need the knowing.
We can live here. "We don't need the knowing. We
can live here." Time counts and keeps counting.
They gets missing what they had. They get so
lonely for the high-scrapers and the video. And
they does the pictures so they'd 'member all the
knowing that they lost.

'Member this?

Tomorrow-morrow Land!

'Member this?

'The River of Light!

'Member this?


Then Axeman picked them of an age and good for a
long haul. They counted twenty, and that were
them. The great leaving. Rescue party departed at
first light. . . .led by Flight the pilot Axeman.
"May God have mercy on our souls." They said
bidey-bye to them what they'd birthed. And from
the nothing they looked back. . . . .and Axeman
hollered, "Wait, one of us will come.Wait, one of
us will come." And somebody did come. AXEMAN!

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allowfullscreen="true" width="425"


Mission Leader1
Deck Officer4
Gate Attendant1
Tool Bag1
Flat Bag1
Chalk Bag3
Damage Control1
Minister of Zoobs1
Mission Reporter1
Paper Wrangler1
Radio Wrangler1
Skynet Operator Pre3


Derby Win


Hosted ByScurvy
Enlistment Date2007.07.01
Knighted ByScurvy
Pilot Date2007.09.29

Pilots Hosted

Service Record

Date Div Mission Ship
2012.10.06 MAD Skunk Day 2012 Civilian Ship
2012.08.11 MAD Shabadoonicorn Civilian Ship
2011.04.30 MAD Let Them Eat Cake Civilian Ship
2011.04.16 MAD To The Finish Darkendank
2011.04.02 MAD Alphamission Episode 2011 Civilian Ship
2010.09.04 MAD Hurricane Fail Tower of Power
2010.08.07 MAD Veteran Pilots Day Meets Iron Cog Day Tower of Power
2010.07.31 MAD The Gentille Ladylike Missonette de La Belle Ha... Swayze Express
2010.07.03 MAD Exquisite Corpsicle Swayze Express
2010.06.26 MAD T.R.O.N. Swayze Express
2010.05.29 MAD Gelatinous Cube Swayze Express
2010.05.22 MAD Secret Places Swayze Express
2010.04.10 MAD Blue Angels in a Ho-down Swayze Express
2010.04.02 MAD Alpha-haha-mission 2010 Swayze Express
2009.10.17 MAD No Dis-integration Skylab
2009.10.10 MAD Treasure Hunt II: Electric Boogaloo Swayze Express
2009.10.03 MAD Show the Admiral a Good Time - Skunk Day 2009 Swayze Express
2009.07.18 MAD Peeecamatic: Pechanical Swayze Express
2009.07.11 MAD Curse of the Crone Swayze Express
2009.06.27 MAD Fallen Heroes Swayze Express
2008.08.30 MAD 13 Circles of Hell, Are We There Yet? Storm Rider
2008.06.07 MAD SCUL Day 2008 Storm Rider
2008.05.17 MAD Bicycle Boogie Storm Rider
2008.05.10 MAD Mixtape Storm Rider
2008.04.12 MAD Get Everyone Lathed Summer
2008.04.05 MAD AlphaMissle 08 Bonnie & Clyde
2007.10.27 MAD Omegamission Compliance
2007.10.20 MAD Ah, Go Fly a Kite! Compliance
2007.08.04 MAD Radiation Treatment Ez Raider
2007.07.28 MAD Hapto Day Spooky Pirate
2007.07.01 MAD Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Mjollnir