Status: Success



Kpafun led this mission. The question was how long would we make it
before stuff started falling off his ship? We decided to partake in
food molecules taped to the ship before they fell off. We took our
bets on the distance to the first mechanical and I would say that we
surpassed that bet by a good light year. That is to say that within
about 2 light years, we had our first mechanical. Surprisingly, it
wasn't Kpafun's ship but rather it was Compliance. It blew out its
inner plasma casing so badly that a hole ripped right into the outer
plasma casing. Dr. Claw headed to the fort after we discovered that
the inner plasma casing in tool bag was leaking. Crockett carried
his ship to the Davis constellation and the fleet rendezvoused there
while awaiting the return of Dr.Claw. He came with a new inner and
out plasma casing but alaso the valve on the inner plasma casing was
torn. Diva then grabbed her spare inner plasma casing which seemed
oddly very square for a round thruster. Despite this, it fit and the
repair held. With the mechanical fixed we headed out.

Kpafun led us down a rather treacherous planet which had heavy
transport. We briefly met with an outside distress call but after
being attacked by the local blood-sucking insect population, we
quickly headed out in hopes of finding a safer route home.

Only a few pieces fell off of Kpafun's ship and despite the dangerous
planet navigation, the fleet arrived safely to the landing pad.

Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Axeman Civilian Ship 41.382   Pilot
BaneThunderwolf Skylab 888.142   Vice Admiral
Crockett Compliance 328.778   Petty Officer Second Class
DeathTrap Anarchy 51.3  
DeyDeyGlow Long Haul 0   Pilot
Diva Incineraider 544.363   Commander
dogi Pale Horse 0  
DrClaw Mad Rabbit 548.841  
eXceSs Chutes & Ladders 433.744  
kahuna Yer Mom 0   Pilot
Klobb Spooky Pirate 0  
Kpafun Donkey 663.989   Commander
Leotard Trinity 385.6   Admiral, Fleet Ready
metoikos Mjollnir 455.171   Commodore
Nosepicker Darkendank 187.618  
Piranha Raw Deal 605.91  
Skunk Cloudbuster 365.227  
steerpike Civilian Ship 95.382   Lieutenant
Treekiller chlorophyll 601.27  
Triumphus Annihilation 374.879   Petty Officer Second Class
vomit Famine 665.399  
Waldo War 0  
Wombat Chastity 458.898  
Yarko Greed 317.503   Petty Officer Second Class
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Kpafun
Deck Officer metoikos
Gate Attendant DrClaw
Navigator Kpafun
Tailgunner vomit
Com-Sat 1 BaneThunderwolf
Tool Bag Kpafun
Flat Bag dogi
Medi Bag BaneThunderwolf
Wookiee Bag Leotard
Ambassador Piranha
Chalk Bag Nosepicker
Still Cam eXceSs
Airlock Treekiller
Life Support 1 Treekiller
Damage Control Triumphus
Mission Reporter Diva
Compressor Wrangler Treekiller

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderKpafun
Mission Size 24 pilots
OriginFort Tyler
Light Years18.126
G-Well Activity1.180
Technical Rating3.950