Status: Success


Gelatinous Cube

A band of adventurers set off to find adventure. And adventure they

The usual band of SCUL space pilots was nowhere to be found, and in
its place, a paladin, a thief, a cleric, an assassin, a wizard, a
gay lovers, some assorted nerds, and a dungeon master. And lots of
dice -- very nerdly dice. The most fearsome of which is the dreaded
1,537 mirror-sided deth-die which was constantly spinning to
our fate (not a fair die.)

Repeated saving throw fail against mechanical marred our early
attempts to get the adventure off the ground. We eventually drummed
our courage, well met enough to attack a fearsome dino-dragon near
edge of the
dam Cambridge system, it was guarding something called the Museum of
Science. We're to understand this "science" forms the basis for
alchemy, but we shall leave this to our wise man on another day. In
the meantime -- there's a dino-dragon what needs slaying! It proved
too much for our meager axes and magic missiles, so the retreat was
sounded, and we scampered off most tail-tuckedly

Our adventures continued to the edge of the great nebula in
Southieshire. Upon seeing our fearsome red dragon-ship, one local
heard to remark: "Oh my gwaahd! Lookit the shaahk! Lookit!" The
constabulary was keen to give us a slow once over. Q said: "We come
We're nerds!" The constable replied: "Keep on nerding!" and was off
with a friendly wave. Remind me to buy them a pint of the finest
ale at the tavern for such upstanding service to the people!

After much general merriment with some girls from the local bawdy
house (how else would they know all the verses and dance to every
song?) and a bit of armor-free riding around, we headed back to our
home Duchy.

Nosepicker's new steed,, was
nearly cloven in twain upon hitting a tiny lady-jumper beetle-toad
along our path. Her carcass was left behind for the next shambling
mound to digest.

Our band of adventurers has returned to our home Duchy and will
the next several rounds restoring hit points lost, and figuring out
how to load the next Dungeon Master's dice.

Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Axeman Swayze Express 253.76   Lieutenant
Buckminister Annihilation 459.167   Captain
hackworth Synesthesia 563.031  
Kpafun Rambostiltskin 224.76   Lieutenant
ld50 Frek 372.024   Commander
Leotard Lazarus -588.377  
magneato Immaculate Taco 426.87   Senior Chief Petty Officer
moose Civilian Ship 39.952  
Nosepicker 349.706   Senior Chief Petty Officer
pywaket Skylab 294.893   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Quandary Delirium 1125.04   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Self Destruct Summer 741.591   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Skunk Cloudbuster 1329.87  
Threespeed Iron Butterfly 769.527   Captain
Treekiller chlorophyll 546.246   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
yt Secret Asian SCULly 377.794  
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Skunk
Deck Officer Quandary
MRC Officer Quandary
Navigator Skunk
Tailgunner magneato
Com-Sat 1 Threespeed
Tool Bag Buckminister
Flat Bag Self Destruct
Medi Bag Treekiller
Wookiee Bag Threespeed
Ambassador yt
Chalk Bag Nosepicker
Still Cam ld50
Airlock magneato
Recycler Quandary
Life Support 1 hackworth
Damage Control Leotard
Minister of Zoobs Leotard
Mission Debriefer Quandary
Beer Mule ld50
Beer Wrangler Treekiller
Filmer hackworth
Food Wrangler hackworth
Sentry yt
Skynet Operator Pre Quandary
Stillcam Downloader ld50

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderSkunk
Mission Size 16 pilots
OriginFort Bartlett
DestinationDungeon of Nerds
Light Years17.761
G-Well Activity2.243
Technical Rating2.187